Winter Spa Care Tips

Winter Heat Up Times:
Reminder, it will take longer for the tubs to heat up from fill/refill because of the bitter cold.
Expect a 110v tub to take up to 3 days to get up to 104 degrees.
220v tubs typically heat up at 6-8 degrees per hour but due to this extreme cold, the average is a little lower (4-6 degrees per hour).

Water Loss:
You may notice your spa’s water level dropping faster than normal. Most likely, it’s due to higher evaporation rates because of winter’s wind, drier air, and a larger difference in water temperature to ambient air—they all increase evaporation.

Floating Spa Cover (solar cover):
Our floating covers help reduce the evaporation by providing a protective cover to the water’s surface where evaporation occurs.
Increased evaporation also boosts heat loss so it’s important to try to reduce evaporation.

Old Spa Covers:
As spa covers get older, they get heavier and can sag in the middle. This sagging will lift the spa cover off the edges of the spa shell. You can see steam (evaporation) escaping from under the spa cover. Many people wait too long to replace their spa cover but the cost of owning a hot tub with an old, sagging cover is far more expensive than a replacement in the long run.

If this isn’t a good time to invest in a new cover, purchase a floating spa cover ($28) to help reduce both evaporation and heat loss.

Some customers want to winterize (close down for the winter) their spas, we can help. If you want the pros to do your winterizing, give us a call to schedule an appointment.

Softubbers who want to winterize their Softubs should detach the power pack and hold it so the plumbing is facing the ground in order to let all the water drain out. Once this step is complete, store the pack where it will not freeze.  After removing all the water from the tub, tip it up with plumbing facing down to drain all the water out of the plumbing. It is best to store the tub flat and out of the elements and/or enclosed in a tub guard cover—especially if it will be stored for awhile.

However, many people keep their spas open all winter since it’s the best time to use a hot bubbly spa!

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6 thoughts on “Winter Spa Care Tips”

  1. I have a softtub but have no idea how to remove the motor part
    From the pool I would appreciate any help as winter is here and
    Need to drain

  2. Hi Ann! Thank you for letting us know that you need assistance with your Softub. I would be happy to help you! To disconnect your Sofub, all you need to do is loosen the clamps on the hoses that connect the motor unit to the tub itself. Once the hose clamps are loosened then you can get behind the motor unit and wiggle it back and forth while pulling it towards you and away from the tub. If you need additional assistance please feel free to contact our service manager Sam in our parts department at 585-392-7711. Have a great evening!

  3. It’s sad to say; but we bought our softub at the end of the state fair in 2015 – brought it to our new home we were remodeling in white bear -and because of remodeling have not used it yet!
    The new deck above our patio was finished the day before the first snow- – the softub is not set up still (darn it ) and most likely won’t happen til spring- since the patio is now "covered" (not enclosed) i put the "heater" on the patio next to the house- since it’s never been used -yet, will the bitter winter cold effect it or should i try to squeeze a place inside ?

  4. Hello Mr. Lawler! Thank you for contacting us regarding your Softub. I am so sorry to hear that you have not yet had the opportunity to use your Softub! I am not sure if you are asking about both the tub and the motor unit coming inside, or just the motor. If the tub has never been filled with water, it is absolutely fine to stay outside. Is is still in its box by any chance? As far as the motor unit is concerned, I would bring that in just to get in the habit of doing it. Typically, you do not want to leave the motor unit outside when the tub is not full. Remember, there is no "heater" with a Softub, the water heats off of the excess waste of the motor. Please feel free to email me any answers to my questions or any more questions you may have.
    Thank you!

  5. So it’s been in the -30’s (C) for the last week and we haven’t really had time to be out in the softub. Today I thought I had better check on it and the water level has fallen below the one top jet and the heater light is flashing. Any ideas what to do, obviously fill the water, but what about the flashing light?

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