From our Softub Express Customers.

Put It Anywhere, Anytime!

“I first found out about the Softub at the Harborfest exhibit in Oswego, NY this past summer. I have owned my Softub for over 4 months now. I have always wanted a hot tub but I thought that I wouldn’t have the room or be able to afford the upkeep. Since owning my Softub, I found out that it is most affordable to maintain and you can put it anywhere, at any time. The tub is so soft. It does anything the bigger and more expensive ones do. It is so easy to maintain. I am single and I have no problem taking the cover off or changing the water and chemicals by myself. At the same time I bought my tub, my daughter and my sister purchased one too and they feel the same way. It has made our lives more enjoyable. We are the envy of a lot of our friends. They see how easy it is and are thinking about getting one for themselves.”

D. Drew, Wanaque, NJ

I Love Your Tub!

“I love your tub. It is so portable! I can’t believe we got it down into the area I wanted! My husband said that we couldn’t make it, and I showed him one of your ads and said if those people got it in that spot, we sure can. So he gave it another shot and got it in! We enjoy many hours in our tub. I get a lot of aches and pains from work and this takes it all away and I sleep like a baby afterwards!”

J. Reiter, Cicero, IL

Give Your Body Relief

“I have only had my Softub since September, and we have placed it on our deck. Even though it has been a real cold and snowy winter, we have enjoyed our Softub at least 3 nights out of the week. It does give your body relief from the everyday chores and helps me feel great for the next day.”

D. Speaker, Syracuse,NY

Best Investment We Could Have Made

“Buying the Softub in 2001 was the best investment we could have made. It has healed my back from all the pain I was in. We go in it every night before bed. It’s brought us closer together. We have it on our deck in the spring and summer and then in the fall and winter we have it in our garage. It’s easy to clean and refill. Our electric bill never even went up. My back always hurt before bedtime from an accident, but since we got the hot tub I feel so much better. I recommend it to anyone. I like it better than a regular hot tub.”

J & J Thomas, Greece, NY

Relax Your Muscles

J. Pollard, E. Greenbush, NY
“Let me tell you I am loving this tub! Back in October I was in a car accident. To this day I still get spasms in my neck. My Softub arrived in September and thank goodness I had it. I try to get in every other day and it really has been one of the few things that has been effective in relaxing my muscles. I also have been enjoying sitting in it and watching the snow build up outside the window. We look forward to hearing YOUR testimonial!”

J. Pollard, E.Greenbush, NY

It is so relaxing 

M. VanDenbergh, Little Falls, NY
“One of the best things we have ever purchased. It is so relaxing to sit in our Softub at night under the stars with snowflakes in the air. Thank you to Softub Express.”

M. VanDenbergh, Little Falls, NY

I LOVE it!!!!  

K. Darren Niles , Gloversville, NY
“We bought ours about a week ago and I LOVE it!!!! My husband is an electrician and he is all about energy efficiency. He LOVED that these don’t use a standard heater. The service was amazing

Ty so much”

K. Darren Niles , Gloversville, NY

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