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Introducing The Portico™​

New for 2020, Softub® is proud to introduce the ultimate in comfort, therapy and design!

The Portico™​ offers extended seating that gives you the option of lounging on our Therapy Station™ bench, while still allowing you to take full advantage of our popular barrier-free soaking experience. We’ve also incorporated the Poseidon Jet for a whirlpool effect, along with the highest jet count ever offered in a Softub®.

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Simple As 1, 2, 3

Roll Weighing 80 pounds or less, even the largest model can be easily rolled through standard doorways, up and down stairs, inside or outside, and across lawns by one person.
Connect Simply align the three connectors, turn and tighten. Fill your Softub® with water from the garden hose. Plug the GFCI power cord included into any standard (15 amp/120v) outlet.
Enjoy Enjoy the ultimate luxury of stress-free tranquility, the rejuvenating effects of warm water massage, and the indulgence of soothing your mind, body and soul.

Why Softub?

Softubs are so light and portable that one person can easily move them and set them up. Our hot tubs weigh between 50-80 lbs. empty


Softubs plug directly into any dedicated, 110v outlet. No need to hire an electrician and pay around $1,000 for wiring. In addition, your ongoing monthly electric costs are approximately 1/3 of a traditional hot tub.


Softubs are superior in every way to an inflatable hot tub. In fact, there really is no comparison between the two. Your Softub will last as long as a traditional hot tub with proper care and maintenance.


Fixed or assigned seating configurations of hard tubs do not easily accommodate all sizes and shapes of bodies. Softubs are made for comfort. It’s like sitting on a couch versus a hard plastic chair.

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Softub is the brand name for the original and still the best portable hot tub on the market. Softubs are hand-crafted in the USA, contain no complicated wiring, and plug into a standard outlet. They require no site prep work and are delivered right to your door for DIY set-up that is as easy as 1,2,3. Roll your Softub to your happy place, connect it, and enjoy.
Softubs cost about half the price of a traditional hot tub and discounted pricing is always available through companies like Softub Express. Softubs are some of the least expensive hot tubs to run with the average cost to operate costing between $5 and $12 per month depending on where you live and usage.
An empty Softub only weighs between 50 and 80 pounds! When filled, a Softub can sit wherever a person can safely stand; porches, decks, and even bedrooms on the second floor.
Softubs can last 20 plus years unlike an inflatable hot tub with only a one to two year window for use. A Softub can also be refurbished with a new power pack and a new vinyl liner.