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Softub vs Traditional Hot Tub

A Softub® is a truly portable hot tub that is light weight, affordable, comfortable and energy efficient. It is not an inflatable hot tub, but rather a soft-sided, highly durable tub that you can set up anywhere, any time of year, and it offers barrier-free seating to take full advantage of all the benefits of hydrotherapy.

Still considering a traditional acrylic hot tub? Let’s take a closer look at some of the differences and why a Softub could be your best choice!

FeatureSoftub SpasHard Acrylic Tubs
Site PrepAny adequate, smooth, load-bearing surface, outdoors or indoors. No additional preparation costs.Construction, excavation, or concrete pad sometimes necessary for permanent location. $450 average expense.
ElectricPlugs into any isolated 15 amp/115 volt outlet - no additional costs. Cord mounted Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) included.Installation of extra amperage or of 220V-60Amp line is needed. Additional GFCI purchase may be required. May cost up to $1,200.
InstallationSimple as 1, 2, 3 can be done by one person.Costly Crew, placement, plumbing, electrician costs.
PortabilityEasily rolls through any standard doorway and can be setup by one person.Typically requires professional installation, additional expenses, and home structure alterations.
RelocatingEasily moved from location to location.Usually not practical due to weight and site prep involved.
Thermal LidIncluded insulated folding lid that assists in heat retention and efficiency. Convenient combination locking straps to secure spa when not in use.May be an optional item with an additional expense. Many come with keys that are inconvenient to use.
Jet PowerStrategically placed, interchangeable hydro-jets for even hydrotherapy.Hydrotherapy often uneven due to number and configuration of jets.
SafetyConstructed from a PolybondTM foam for no hard, slippery surfaces and no hidden depths. Must use caution with slippery surface, and hard corners with dangerous, hidden depths.
SeatingSpacious barrier-free seating allows a variety of positions and unrestricted movement for hydrotherapy jets.Hard, molded plastic, and "assigned" seats that restrict activity and position.
ComfortPadded surfaces to surround yourself in a cushioned manner.Hard surfaces that are just plain uncomfortable.
ColorsAvailable in 13 standard colors (6 standard colors on Portico).Limited selection.
Energy ConsumptionYou can maintain your Softub Spa at your desired water temperature for about $15 a month.Typically operate for $40-$70 or more per month.
Eco-AdvantageExceeds stringent national compliance requirements. No harmful Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) emitted during the manufacturing process and excess materials are recycled. Many spa manufacturing methods emit harmful, environmentally-damaging VOCs. Many are constructed from material that can't be recycled.

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