Financing Your Softub

No pre-payment penalties, ever.

12 Month Same-as-Cash through Mariner Finance



For those wanting to finance their Softub purchase, we have partnered with Mariner Finance to bring you their popular 12 months same-as-cash with minimum monthly payments plan. There is no money required as a down payment.

You will make a minimum payment each month, starting approximately 30 days after your Softub is delivered. This payment will NOT be enough to have paid the balance in full by the 12th month so you need to budget for a larger payment towards the end of the loan to pay your balance in full. Interest will accrue during these 12 months, but as long as your balance is paid in full before your loan end date, all interest will be waived. If you do not pay your loan in full before the loan end date, then all the interest will be added into your amount financed and you will be responsible for paying same.