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Hydrotherapy Benefits with Softub

While it’s true that relaxation is a common benefit of spas, a Softub spa was designed for true, even hydrotherapy. From jet positioning to the barrier-free seating, Softub® provides unrestricted movement for your hydrotherapy routine. We didn’t invent hydrotherapy – we just made it better. Shop online now!

Pain Relief This Way...

Hydrotherapy greatly assists with chronic back pain, arthritis, diabetes, fibromyalgia, stress and sleep disorders. Chronic pain has no boundaries with age or gender, but when you have it…you know it. 

With more knowledge on the health concerns of opioids and long term pain medications, people are turning to natural relief options. Softub, with its barrier-free seating, allows you to move freely and make the most of your hydrotherapy routines. A warm soak releases endorphins, a natural pain reliever. 

With many traditional spas, you’re limited to sitting in one area with hard surfaces and hidden depths. Not so with Softub, which surrounds you in comfort!

Hydrotherapy greatly assists with dilation of blood vessels, increasing circulation and delivering oxygen and enzymes to the pain sites. The buoyancy of water reduces 90% of body weight that bones and joints have to bear, providing better muscle and joint function. Hydrotherapy has been used for thousands of years…we didn’t invent it, we just made it better.

Arthritis Relief

With over 40 million people affected by arthritis, a warm soak in a Softub Spa relieves the pain of muscle and joint stiffness, improves blood circulation and releases endorphins which is a natural pain reliever. Buoyancy of water reduces 90% of body weight, making it easy to move around comfortably.

Fibromyalgia Relief

Hydrotherapy appears to be particularly effective for those suffering from FMS by reducing muscle pain in the ligaments and tendons. In one study, fibromyalgia patients were given therapeutic whirlpool baths twice a week for six weeks. Upon conclusion of the study, the patients involved had better muscle and joint function, reduced pain symptoms and improved sleep quality.

Chronic Pain Relief

With more knowledge coming forward on the health concerns of opioids and long term pain medications, people are looking for a more homeopathic approach to managing chronic pain. A warm soak in a Softub Spa relieves the pain and muscle joint stiffness. The buoyancy of water reduces 90% of body weight, while improving blood circulation, allowing the brain to naturally release endorphins into the blood stream creating a natural pain reliever. Hydrotherapy assists greatly in the dilation of blood vessels, which increases circulation that helps people with muscle or joint pain by delivering oxygen and enzymes to the pain sites.


With the vast increase of Type 2 diabetes, also referred to as “adult onset diabetes,” watching your weight and moderate exercise is an essential part of managing it. Exercising in your Softub allows unrestricted movement for water aerobics that greatly improves joint mobility as well as the positive effect of increasing blood circulation, naturally releasing endorphins into the blood stream that serves as a natural pain reliever. This can be especially helpful for diabetics who are unable to participate in traditional forms of exercise.

Anxiety & Stress

Choose from the various levels of massage created by the adjustable jets that assist in loosening knots of tension and enhances the muscle range of motion. With increased blood flow, the brain releases endorphins into the blood stream, a natural form of pain relief for tension in the body.

Sleep Disorders

Lack of sleep has been linked to numerous negative effects. Luckily enough the answer might be waiting in your own back yard. The National Sleep Foundation states that “soaking in hot water, such as a hot tub before retiring can ease the transition into a deeper sleep.” Here is the science behind it: soaking in water before going to bed triggers your body’s internal thermostat to lower your body temperature. A gradual reduction in body temperature induces drowsiness, leaving you more prepared for sleep.

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