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The most energy-efficient, truly portable hot tub – the Softub® – is available in four models! Explore and compare our options below to find the one that fits for your space and your lifestyle.

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The Portico™

The latest addition to the Softub® family! Introduced in 2020, the Portico™ is the ultimate tub in comfort, therapy and luxury design. It offers extended seating, with the option of lounging on our Therapy Station™ bench, while still allowing you to take full advantage of our popular barrier-free soaking experience. We’ve also incorporated the strongest jet in the industry: The Poseidon turbojet. The Poseidon jet can create a whirlpool effect or give you an intense massage.

  • Capacity Up to 6 people
  • Jets 8 jets
  • Outer Diameter 78 inches
  • Inner Diameter 66 inches
  • Tub Height 27 inches
  • Water Capacity 274 gallons
  • Empty Weight 88 pounds
  • Filled Weight 2,608 pounds
  • Voltage 120V
  • Lighting Dual LED Lights

The Resort

With five adjustable jets and two spinning, pulsating jets strategically placed to target hard to reach areas, the Resort is an excellent choice for comfort and relaxation. This Softub® comes standard with a built-in therapy seat, which uses two of the seven jets positioned just right to soothe your upper and lower back.

  • Capacity Up to 6 people
  • Jets 7 jets
  • Outer Diameter 78 inches
  • Inner Diameter 66 inches
  • Tub Height 27 inches
  • Water Capacity 300 gallons
  • Empty Weight 80 pounds
  • Filled Weight 2,725 pounds
  • Voltage 120V
  • Lighting One LED Light

The Legend

The Softub® model that started it all when it was first released in 1986! The Legend is cushioned for maximum comfort, features five adjustable jets and easily accommodates up to four adults, all while only making a 6-foot site footprint. It’s perfect for those who want a spa that can fit more than two people without having to compromise in other areas.

  • Capacity Up to 4 people
  • Jets 5 jets
  • Outer Diameter 71 inches
  • Inner Diameter 61 inches
  • Tub Height 24 inches
  • Water Capacity 220 gallons
  • Empty Weight 65 pounds
  • Filled Weight 2,119 pounds
  • Voltage 120V
  • Lighting One LED Light

The Sportster

Take a soak at your leisure in the Sportster! Featuring four hydrotherapy jets, this Softub® is designed to maximize your enjoyment in a minimum amount of space.

  • Capacity Up to 2 people
  • Jets 4 jets
  • Outer Diameter 60 inches
  • Inner Diameter 50 inches
  • Tub Height 24 inches
  • Water Capacity 140 gallons
  • Empty Weight 50 pounds
  • Filled Weight 1,445 pounds
  • Voltage 120V
  • Lighting One LED Light

COVID-19 Delays

Thank you to all of our customers for being patient with Softub Express during these difficult times. With the COVID-19 pandemic still in a rise, our manufacturing facility is experiencing delays on parts and raw materials. Updates from our supply chains are at a standstill. Unfortunately, this leaves our valued customers waiting and getting a Softub® within a couple weeks’ time is currently unattainable. We can’t apologize enough for this.

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