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For Softub Owners

Congratulations on becoming a Softub owner and welcome to the Softub Express family! Below you’ll find helpful resources for enjoying and caring for your tub.

Please call 1-800-996-8827 with any questions about the care of your Softub. We look forward to serving you and know you’ll enjoy your new Softub! Happy soaking!

Please read before setting up your new Softub! 

You have made a great investment. Welcome to the world of soothing warm water, relaxation, and relief of sore, aching muscles anytime you need it! Here is a brief overview of some things you should know to help make your new Softub even more enjoyable.

Before you set up your Softub Spa, make sure that the flooring is a clean, debris-free, somewhat level surface that can withstand repeated exposure to water (tile, brick, etc.) Splashing, dripping, filling, and draining are routine operations which spill water. Place only on surfaces that can withstand the floor load requirements of your tub (between 125 and 170 lbs. per square foot). Your locking lid straps should lay flat in the shape of a “+”, and then place the empty tub on top of them.  Make sure that each strap clips securely in place prior to filling, and that there is a small amount of room left for the expansion when water is added. The combination is preset to ‘00’ and is easily reset with the enclosed instructions.

PLEASE check the top connection on the power pack to ensure that the small black washer is in place before connecting your power pack to your tub.  If this washer is missing, your tub will leak.  

PLEASE look for the light wires prior to connecting your Hydromate power pack to your tub. There are two wires, one from your power pack and one from your tub. The wires are sometimes protruding from the pack and tub or sometimes wrapped around the tubes. Occasionally you may find a wire under the vinyl as well. It is much easier to find these wires prior to connecting the tub and pack. Once you have both your wires exposed, proceed with connecting your pack and beginning to fill your tub. Only hand tighten connections, DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN!

Before filling, smooth out any wrinkles in the bottom of the tub, this is called “setting” the liner. Place about 1-2 inches of lukewarm to very warm water in your tub, and then turn off the water. The warmer the water, the easier it is to finish removing the wrinkles (more than 2 inches of water will make it too difficult to remove the wrinkles). Press on the wrinkle and move the material outward all the way to the edge of the tub. Please note, you do not want HOT water as this can stretch the liner. You can use cold water, but you’ll have to work a little harder. If you leave wrinkles in your tub, they could be there permanently. Wrinkles are not covered under your warranty but are very easy for you to remove if you take a few moments the first time you fill your tub! On the Resort and Portico models, you will need to repeat this step to smooth any wrinkles on the seat once the water gets about 1-2 inches above it. You can now finish filling your Softub, stopping once the water is 2 inches above the highest jet.

When your Softub is first filled, it will run continuously until it reaches the temperature you have selected on the digital control panel. During the initial heating phase, the jets will be on because water needs to be flowing for the heat exchanger to work. A ‘P’ will show in the digital display window once the tub has reached temperature. Please note that your air control should be turned all the way to the lowest setting during the heating process and whenever the tub is not in use (clockwise towards the light button).

  1. Whenever the tub is heating, the jets button will not turn the jets off.
  2. The air control knob is the gray knob on the top of your power pack. Play with the knob gently to see how it works. Do not force this knob to turn past the preset stopping points. While heating make sure the air control is on the lowest setting.
    a. Turning the knob counterclockwise will increase the air flow coming out of the jets. Turning it clockwise, towards the light button, decreases the air flow.
    b. Whenever the tub is not in use, the air control should always be in its lowest setting.
  3. The tub is filtering the water whenever the jets are running. If the tub has not been used and has not gone through a heat cycle in 12 hours, it will automatically kick on to filter the water. This is the only time the filter light comes on by itself.
  4. The Softub heats from the waste heat of the motor and the first water fill (and subsequent water changes) takes approximately 24 – 48 hours to reach the desired temperature. This timing will depend greatly on the temperature of the source water you are using to fill the tub. Please leave your lid on the Softub while it is heating and whenever it is not in use. This will increase the efficiency and decrease the time it takes to heat your tub.

Please take the time to read the
Helpful Hints pages for using your Softub indoors or outside, depending on your personal usage and where the Softub will be located.

Your Softub filter cartridge snaps onto either suction grate on the lower sidewalls of your tub. The suction grates are the gray perforated covers that look a little like a spaghetti strainer. The filter snaps right over this grate. The filter should never be inserted or removed in an empty or cold tub. Many times, the filter is already installed from the factory. If so, you are all set. If not, place the filter in a bucket of hot water for several minutes until the cuff becomes pliable, then the filter will snap easily into place. Although it is preferable to leave the filter in your tub most of the time, it can be removed while using the tub to protect the filter and grate from accidental damage. Simply remove your filter and when people are done using the tub, replace the filter over one of the intake grates. It is unnecessary and not recommended to keep a filter on both intake grates at the same time. This will cause your motor to overheat, and any damage will not be covered by your manufacturer’s warranty.

Approximately once a week remove your filter and rinse thoroughly. This will help keep your water clear between cleanings. You should remove your filter for cleaning once a month. Rinse your filter under your faucet, garden hose, or water spicket to remove debris. Then use a spa filter cleaner to remove oils, sediment, and refresh your filter cartridge. Please follow the instructions for cleaning your filter that are listed on the bottle. We carry Sirona filter cleaner, but you can use any brand. We recommend changing your filter once every 12 months. 

Depending on usage, your tub should be completely drained and cleaned every 4-6 months. Prior to emptying the water from your tub, remove the filter for cleaning. It is also recommended to clean the inner plumbing once each year. This is done prior to emptying your tub with a product called Swirl Away.

Now, before you hop in for a full dose of hydrotherapy, one more item needs to be addressed. If you live outside of the Rochester, NY area, please save the box that your power pack came in. In the rare instance that there is a problem or that your power pack needs service, the power pack should be mailed back to us in the box that was designed specifically for that purpose. This will save you time and money and protect your investment. It is also the easiest and safest way to ship your pack if necessary. Thank you for helping us serve you better.

From all of us at Softub Express, Congratulations & Best Wishes.

*These instructions are extremely important! Please call us with any questions and we will connect you with one of our chemical experts. Do not add any chemical to your Softub that you are unsure of or is not recommended by an authorized Softub Dealer.*

  1. Add 2 oz. of Spa Metal & Scale Control (look for Softcare Gon in your kit). Allow the tub to circulate for 30 minutes before proceeding to Step 2.

  2. Add 2 tablespoons of Granular Chlorine. This will purify the source water and establish a chlorine residual. Allow at least 30 minutes of circulation. Remember, your spa water will likely still be cool at this point. It will take between 24 and 48 hours to reach your desired temperature.

  3. Once the Softub is at temperature, gently pull the cartridge filter off and insert the Softub Spa Frog into the hollow middle of the filter. Snap the cartridge filter back onto the suction grate. Mark on your calendar 4 months from this date as that is when the Spa Frog will need to be replaced. We highly recommend using a Spa Frog. It is a mineral purifier that kills bacteria and assists in decreasing the amount of chlorine necessary to keep your water clean.

  4. * Check your water balance weekly with the test strips provided. Adjust the pH if necessary, using either pH up to raise your pH or pH down to lower your pH. ***Very Important*** Failure to maintain the proper level of pH in your Softub could cause permanent wrinkles in your liner. This is not covered by the warranty.

  5. Periodically add a maintenance dose of Metal and Scale Control (Gon) to control scale buildup, minerals and/or metals in your Softub. If you have well water, you will need to add a weekly dose and if you have municipal water, you can add a dose monthly.  Please follow directions on the bottle.

  6. Maintain a chlorine residual of at least 1-3 ppm. With the use of the Spa Frog, you do not need to keep it higher than that. This will allow a more enjoyable environment for you. A good routine to follow is to add granular chlorine each time you are finished using your tub for the day. T140 Sportster add 2 teaspoons, T220 Legend add 1 level tablespoon, T300+ Resort and the Portico add 1 heaping tablespoon or 2 level tablespoons depending on the bather load. Adjust this amount based on your usage and how your tub looks weekly. Without the Spa Frog you will need to maintain 3-5 ppm of chlorine in your tub.

  7. Within 1 – 2 weeks of filling your Softub, we advise taking a pint-sized water sample to your nearest pool/spa store. They will perform a comprehensive water analysis and advise you of anything that needs to be adjusted. Please call the Softub Express office to go over your test results before adding anything! Again, do not add any chemical to your Softub that you are unsure of as failure to use the approved and appropriate chemicals will void your warranty.

  8. Depending on your water source, you may need to add calcium hardness increaser to your Softub. Please check your test strip for the level of calcium in your water within the first week of filling your tub. The line that reads “hardness (TH)” is the one that tells you the calcium hardness level. The optimal level for calcium in your Softub is between 250 – 500 ppm. When adding calcium hardness increaser to your tub, it should be added in 1/3 cup increments, no sooner than 2 hours apart. Adding more than 1/3 of a cup at a time can cause your water to become very cloudy.
    a. T140 Sportster = 1/3 cup calcium hardness increaser
    b. T220 Legend = 2/3 cup calcium hardness increaser.
    c. T300+ Resort / Portico = 1 cup calcium hardness

  9. Always have the water circulating when adding chemicals to your Softub. This will prevent the chemicals from falling to the bottom, settling, and possibly staining your liner. Air control should be on low to medium flow when adding, once chemicals are incorporated it can be turned back down to the lowest setting. It is very important that you leave your lid off or open while adding chemicals to your tub and for at least 15 minutes after. If you leave one half of the lid open, please rotate the side you open every other time. Leaving the lid closed after adding any chemicals causes any used-up chemicals and gasses to get trapped under your lid and can cause damage to the underside of the lid and the liner above the water line.

  10. Do not use a floating dispenser for adding chemicals to your Softub. They do not dispense the chemicals properly due to how the tub circulates and could discolor your liner. Only granular chlorine is recommended for use in your Softub – since it is almost pH neutral. Do not use chlorine in liquid or tablet form.

  11. The Chlor (chlorine) that comes with your Softub is the correct chemical composition that is recommended for your Softub (Sodium Dichloro-s-triazinetrione Dihydrate 95 – 99%). Please take your chlorine bottle when you need to replace your products or better yet, allow us to care for your chemical needs. You can call us at 1-800-996-8827 or shop online at

  12. ***VERY IMPORTANT*** Failure to maintain the proper level of Calcium Hardness and pH in your Softub can cause permanent wrinkles and/or bagging of your liner. Chemical damage is not covered by the Softub manufacturer’s warranty.

  13. Do not use Bromine in your Softub! Bromine will discolor your liner and cause it to become brittle and cracked over time. Using Bromine is considered chemical abuse and will VOID your warranty!

**It is important to leave your Softub lid off for 15 minutes after adding any chemical. Here are a couple of reasons why…

  1. When you add chlorine to the tub, it begins to oxidize the organic contaminants (ie. bacteria, skin cells) out of the water. It does this by turning them into a gas; this gas needs a little time to vent out the tub. 
  2. When putting the lid on immediately after adding chlorine, there is the potential of trapping a very concentrated amount of chlorine fumes in the tub. Done repeatedly, this could cause permanent damage to the interior and exterior of the tub.

Your Softub will take great care of you for years to come as long as you also take care of it. Routine maintenance is essential to keeping your Softub running properly and in good shape. Our simple routine maintenance guidelines include the following:

1. Drain your Softub every 3-4 months, even if the water still looks clear
Whether it’s a Softub or traditional hard tub, all hot tubs need to be drained periodically for the same reasons. The small body of water, combined with the body oils, perspiration, lotion and makeup bathers leave behind, as well as the chemical residuals, can saturate the water in three to four months. Warning signs that signal a change include cloudy water, excessive foaming, smelly water or difficulty maintaining water balance. We recommend saving yourself any struggle and keeping the water at its best by putting regular Softub draining on your calendar.

2. Replace your cartridge filter yearly and rinse it thoroughly once a month (or more frequently for brand new Softubs) 
Having a clean cartridge filter is a critical part of maintaining water clarity. After all, your vacuum cleaner wouldn’t pick up much dirt with a full bag. Even if the pleats of the cartridge don’t look discolored, after a year’s worth of use the fibers will start to come apart and the filter can no longer catch fine particles. For more thorough cleaning, we suggest the use of our filter cleaner, which chemically dissolves body oils off your filter cartridge for increased performance as these don’t rinse off.

3. Use Swirl Away yearly to thoroughly clean out your plumbing lines
Have you ever cut open an older plumbing line and seen the build up of bio-film and sludge? The same thing happens to hot tub plumbing lines , whether its a traditional hot tub or a Softub. Swirl Away is an impressive liquid that mimics roto-rootering your plumbing lines and will purge all buildup. Add Swirl Away the day you’re planning on draining your Softub. Drain your tub, rinse thoroughly and you’ll be good as new!

4. Use Aerospace 303 Vinyl Protectant on your tub and lid
Depending on the sun exposure your tub receives, you may need to add this product monthly or just three to four times per year. this anywhere from monthly to just 3 or 4 times a year. Even though the marine grade vinyl has a UV stabilizer built into it, a year’s worth of sitting in the sun can still have an impact. Show your tub some love and help keep it looking showroom new by simply spraying on and wiping in with a paper towel. For the ultimate in sun protection, consider purchasing a TubGuard Protective Cover.
*Never use Armor All on your Softub as it will deteriorate the seams.

5. Test your spa water at least weekly and adjust chlorine, pH, alkalinity and calcium as needed
This important step is not to be overlooked. Just like anything else, routine preventative care is the key to long-term health, and in this case, it’s the long-term health of your Softub’s interior liner. Allowing these balance parameters to drift too far outside of the recommended ranges for extended periods of time can cause permanent damage to your Softub and it is not covered under the warranty.

  1. The Softub portable hot tub should be placed on a structurally strong, relatively smooth and level surface, wherever you can safely stand you can place your Softub. Please see load specs for each size in your owner’s manual. The Softub comes with a 12-foot power cord that includes a built-in ground fault circuit interrupter, so choose your space accordingly.

  2. Install the Softub spa only on floors or areas that can withstand repeated exposure to water (tile, brick, etc.). Splashing, dripping, filling, and draining are routine operations which will spill water. Equipment failure may also cause substantial water spillage. Care must be taken that the flooring underneath the Softub will not warp or suffer damage in the event of a water spill. If located in a multiple floor structure, objects on the floor below should be protected in the event of a major spill.

  3. Make sure you have adequate ventilation in the room. Room humidity will exist when you are using your Softub due to the high-water temperatures. Providing natural (open window or door) or forced ventilation (exhaust fan) in the room will help maintain comfort and minimize moisture exposure to the surrounding environment. In addition, you may want to consider using a dehumidifier to remove excess moisture.

  4. The underside of the lid will have condensation on it that will drip down when the lid is propped up during spa use. You may want to consider placing a mat beneath the lid so as not to create a slippery spot on the floor.

  5. Your Softub needs a dedicated 110v / 15amp outlet. Do not run any other appliances or lights on this line. The manufacturer prohibits the use of an extension cord with your Softub, so before you place the tub be sure you are within reach of an outlet. The cord that is attached to the power pack is 12 feet long and has a ground fault circuit interrupter built into it.
  1. Although your Softub spa can be placed on any surface, the area should be cleaned prior to filling your Softub with water. Remember that once your Softub is filled, it cannot be moved without emptying it, so place it where you want it to remain until the next time you change the water. Grass is an acceptable surface, but you must put a barrier between the grass and the Softub as the grass will start to rot and the smell will get embedded into the Softub foam. Wherever you can safely stand you can place your Softub, including decks, patios, and porches.

  2. Your Softub needs a dedicated 110v / 15amp outlet. Do not run any other appliances or lights on this line. The manufacturer prohibits the use of an extension cord with your Softub, so before you place the tub, be sure it is within reach of an outlet. The cord that is attached to the power pack is 12 feet long and has a ground fault circuit interrupter built into it.

  3. Aerospace 303 is a vinyl protectant that will keep your Softub vinyl supple and beautiful. This should be sprayed on your tub monthly and will condition the vinyl and maintain the UV protection in your tub and extend the life of the tub.

  4. Please do not shovel snow off your Softub, instead use a broom or brush so you don’t damage your vinyl. Snow is a wonderful insulator, so it does not need to be removed from around your tub except for safety reasons.

  5. Winter is an amazing time to enjoy the soothing hot water in your Softub. However, if you choose to not use your Softub in the winter there are some important steps you must take to protect it from the harsh winter environment.
    a. If you are not using your Softub at all and wish to empty it and store it for the winter, make sure to bring your power pack inside to a place that remains above 50 degrees Fahrenheit. If you do not, the coils could freeze, causing leaks and operating failure.
    b. Dry the tub out completely. Try to get as much water as you can from the internal plumbing by putting the tub on its side and rolling it slightly in both directions. Then simply wipe the tub dry. Do not leave the Softub on its side for storage.
    c. If leaving your empty Softub outside, protect it from the elements with a travel cover or a tarp. Remember to brush off large amounts of snow from your Softub as needed. Keep a rolled-up towel in between the lid and the tub to inhibit mold/mildew growth.

If your tub is being drop shipped to you, please read the following!

Your tub may be delivered by a 53’ common carrier truck. Please inform us IMMEDIATELY if your street is such that a large truck cannot drive down it.

If you have any questions regarding the shipment of your new Softub to your home, please call us. We look forward to serving all your Softub needs.

Please note: Once your paperwork has been processed, we will contact you regarding your delivery, unless you have specified otherwise. You may additionally receive a call from our warehouse coordinator confirming you are ready for your tub. Once your tub reaches the nearest destination terminal, you will receive a phone call from the shipping company to schedule your curbside delivery. This means you will need to roll the tub to the desired location, unbox it, connect the motor unit to the tub, fill the tub with water, and plug it into an outlet. It’s as simple as 1,2,3. Please remember, we are only a telephone call away and are happy to assist you with all your Softub needs.

We ship several hundred tubs per year and most of these deliveries go very smoothly. However, it is VITAL that you check your delivery carefully when it arrives. Please verify that the total number of pieces written on the Bill of Lading is what is received. Please also visually inspect the cardboard boxes and make sure there is no major visible damage to any of them. IF YOU SEE ANY MAJOR VISIBLE DAMAGE TO THE BOXES, IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT YOU WRITE “POSSIBLE CONCEALED DAMAGE” on the Bill of Lading that the driver will ask you to sign. There is no way to file a claim or get damaged merchandise replaced without the proper documentation, so please check your boxes carefully.

If, for any reason, the Softub is undeliverable or canceled after it leaves our facility, you will be given a full refund minus a 15% restocking fee and any delivery/pick up or shipping charges for product that is in its original packaging. Delivered Softubs are not returnable.

We recommend registering your Softub as soon as you can. Simply visit to get started. 

You’ll be able to:

  • Keep track of your Softub warranty 
  • Stay in-the-know on Softub news and product updates
  • Learn more about your Softub
  • Find even more helpful resources 

Your Softub warranty is completely spelled out on the last page of your owner’s manual, which comes with every Softub. Please make it a point to read your warranty completely and submit your warranty card to Softub within ten days of ownership. You can also file your warranty on the manufacturer’s website,

  • Softub, Inc. warrants the Softub spa to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for five (5) full years from date of purchase. Any repairs required will be at the following charge to the customer: years 1 and 2 = no charge to the customer, years 3 through 5 = $275 deductible per occurrence.
  • The warranty is non-transferable.
  • During the first 90 days of your warranty, all transportation costs will be paid by Softub Express. All transports for the Softub and the Softub power pack will be the responsibility of the customer after the first 90 days.
  • Softub, Inc. and Softub Express reserve the right to repair or replace, at their discretion, any component, assembly or product requiring repair.
  • The warranty is void if the tub is misused, abused or altered in any way. Also, the warranty is voided if the Hydromate is opened or repaired by anyone other than an authorized Softub repair center.
  • Damage caused by using unapproved chemicals or not following guidelines for approved chemicals is not covered by warranty. Please read your chemical instructions and call with any questions immediately.
  • Neither Softub, Inc. nor Softub Express or any of their affiliates are responsible for acts of nature. Nor are they responsible for damages caused to persons due to negligence.
  • Your warranty must be filed with Softub, Inc within ten days to validate your warranty. The warranty coverage is not valid until the warranty has been activated. The 5 years of coverage begins on the date of delivery.
  1. Completely fill the tub first. The proper level is 2” above the highest jet. VERY IMPORTANT: after adding approximately 2”-3” of water (warm is best) turn the water source off and remove all wrinkles from the bottom of the tub. After wrinkles are removed, continue to fill until water is 2” above the highest jet. On the Resort and Portico models, you will need to turn the water source off again once the water is 2”-3” over the seat and smooth out any wrinkles on the seat.
  2. Plug in the tub and circulate the water. Check under the connections to ensure there are no leaks. Only hand tighten the connections. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN. Allow water to heat up to at least 80 degrees before adding any chemicals.
  3. Add 2 oz. of Spa Metal & Scale Protector. Let this circulate for 30 minutes – cover can be closed
***IF YOU FILLED YOUR SOFTUB USING WELL WATER, YOU MUST BALANCE YOUR pH and ALKALINITY PRIOR TO THE NEXT STEP!*** Use a test strip to test the water and make adjustments as necessary.
  1. Add the entire FROG Jump Start packet (T140 only add ½ packet). Let this circulate for 30 minutes with the cover open.
  2. Attach the SmartChlor Cartridge (Grey) to the Mineral Cartridge (Blue) and set the SmartChlor Cartridge to the appropriate level – see settings chart below.
SmartChlor Settings Appropriate Levels
Sportster 1 Chlorine: 0.5 – 1ppm
Legend 1 pH: 7.2 – 7.8
Resort 2 Alkalinity: 80 – 120 ppm
Portico 2
  1. Calcium Hardness Increaser: Sportster: Add 1/3 cup Legend: Add 2/3 cup Resort/Portico: Add 1 cup. Only add 1/3 cup at a time no sooner than 2 hours apart.
  2. Wait minimally 24 hours and bring a water sample to Pettis Pools to be tested for any chemical adjustments. If you are not local, take a sample to your local pool and spa store and then call 800-996-8827 with your results so that we can offer proper guidance.
Helpful Hints:
  • Always run the spa jets when adding chemicals. The air control does not need to be fully open.
  • Leave spa cover off for 20-30 minutes after adding Jump Start – the impurities need to off-gas.
  • Wash the area above the waterline with spa water weekly to clean this surface.
Weekly Maintenance Procedures
  1. Test water with test strips 1-2 times weekly and adjust levels as necessary. If you are unsure, bring in 4-6 oz of spa water to Pettis Pools for a computerized water test. If you are not local, take a sample to your nearest pool and spa store and call 800-996-8827 with your results so that we can offer you proper guidance. *It is normal to have to add alkalinity increaser or pH up on a regular basis
  Every two weeks:
  1. Rinse filter cartridge to remove any debris.
  2. Make sure the water level is up and covering the highest jet. Topping off the water level is a regular occurrence.
  1. Chemically clean the filter cartridge.
  2. Bring in a water sample to Pettis Pools, or your local spa store for a computerized water test.
  3. Use Maintain when you change your SmartChlor Cartridge.

Thanks for your interest in Softub!

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Thanks for your interest in Softub!

Join our email list or opt in for text messages to stay up-to-date with everything related to Softub® hot tubs, including specials and new products!