All About the Temperature of a Softub

By experimenting with different settings on the control panel, you willfind the temperature most comfortable for you. The thermostat will automatically turn the tub on and off as the temperature falls below, then reaches,  the set temperature tomaintain the water temperature you have selected, 24 hours a day. Your Softub Spa will automatically display the temp of the water in yourspa, wheneverthe pump is on andhas been running for 2 minutes continuously.  A “P” will be displayed when the pump is not on, to indicate that the water near the temperature sensors must be purged to get an accurate reading of the water temperature. To display the water temperature when “P”  is showing on the display, press the “JETS” button.  After 2 minutes, the water temp will be displayed. To set the temperature, press the up or down arrow once to display the current setting.  Then, use the up and down arrows to adjust the temperature to the setting you desire.  The current temperature setting willdisplay for 5 seconds after the upor down buttons are pressed. After this time has elapsed, the display will revert to displaying the water temperature.  

Q: My Softub Hydromate isn’t heating all the way. What should I do?   
A: The unit will heat as the motor runs; this can take close to 48 hours when you first fill the tub with cold water. If your motor is running, it is heating as well. If the unit is not heating to the correct temperature, it is likely there is an issue with the temperature probes in the motor unit. Please contactus to get a technician to inspect and to repair your motor unit.

Q: How hot is my Softub supposed to get and how long will it take to heat up?
A: Softubs have a water temperature variance of 60-104 degrees, all simply controlled by using the up and down arrows on the digital control panel of the connecting motor pack unit. Running off any standard wall outlet to conserve energy, a Softub requires around 48 hours to heat the tub water upon filling and re-filling. Once a desired water temperature is set by the user, Softub’s patented SmartChip technology locks in that temperature digitally, regardless of ambient temperature, until it is changed by the user, again using the up and down arrows on the control panel.

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4 thoughts on “All About the Temperature of a Softub”

  1. I just bought a Softub from someone and upon hooking it up I noticed I can’t get the lights in the tub to work or get the temperature setting to move up or down. It says 100 and won’t change.

  2. I have a softub, but the thermostat sensor is broken. The motor is constantly kicking on, and the temp of the water stays around 106-107. Unfortunately there are no dealers where I live, and only an authorized dealer can replace a part on the inside of the motor. I am trying to find the cable that needs replaces, but am having little success. My softub may soon be an expensive fish pond.

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