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Recent pool and spa marketing research shows there are over 7.3 million hot tubs in operation in the United States. You can assume that a fair amount of those are in-home hot tubs and you just joined the ranks when you purchased your Softub. But, you have never liked being part of the crowd. Nope, everything that you do has always been a little different than everyone else and your Softub purchase is no exception. You have no intentions of just setting your tub up on your porch with a bench and a plant. You want something unique. You want your Softub to be a unique addition to your home. Here are some tips for unique ways to incorporate your Softub into your outdoor space.

Decide on a Location

First things first, you will need to decide on a location for your tub. Keep in mind, an important benefit of Softub is that they are a portable hot tubs so you may move them from location to location. Now, there are some practical things that you will need to think about like: is the surface flat enough, is there an outlet accessible, is the spot private enough, convenient enough, safe enough etc. With these things in mind you can then let your imagination run wild. Maybe you are going to put your Softub in your Man Cave or She Shed. Maybe it will stay on your patio, but you plan to transform your patio into a tropical oasis or a mediterranean getaway with your Softub as the focal point. Because your Softub is portable and so easy to move, you have the freedom to move it around and see what location is going to be the perfect place for your outdoor vision.

Add Some Functional Features

Once you have picked your ideal location, you will want to add some functional features around your Softub. Sure you will add some chairs and a side table, but there are some other features you might not have considered that will take your space to the next level. A towel rack is a common thing to have near your Softub, but no one said it had to be an ordinary towel rack. Maybe your towel rack is made from motorcycle handle bars to go with the decor in your Man Cave or a wine rack that has been transformed to go with your She Shed Tuscan theme.

People love listening music while they enjoy their Softub so you may want to add some outdoor speakers near your tub. If you really want to make your space stand out, you could add some luxury features, like a mini fridge nearby so you always have cold drinks within reach, or an outdoor tv so you can enjoy watching the ball games from your Softub.

Accessorize Accessorize Accessorize

You’ve got a great location for your Softub, you have added some features that make your Softub unique and functional, now it is time to accessorize. Accessories are where your unique personality can really shine through. They will make the difference between your vision coming through and a half-finished attempt at something that could have been great. So what kind of accessories should you add? You might start with some plants. The kind of plants, of course, depend on your space – flowers, shrubs, succulents, whatever suits your theme the best.  Soften things up a bit by adding some throw pillows or towels for your guests. It could be that a fountain or special lighting is what your space needs. As you start adding accessories things will start coming together and your designer’s eye will know what is needed.

Once your accessories are in place you are all set. Your unique space will be ready to enjoy with your family and friends. Just be prepared, your house will quickly become everyone’s favorite hangout.

Thanks for your interest in Softub!

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Thanks for your interest in Softub!

Join our email list or opt in for text messages to stay up-to-date with everything related to Softub® hot tubs, including specials and new products!