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Yes, you CAN use your Softub indoors!

You know a Softub is comfortable, portable, and easy to use. But did you know you can also use your Softub indoors? It’s true! If you’d like to use yours indoors, just follow these simple tips to get the best experience:

Where you place it matters

Be sure to place your Softub on a smooth, strong and level surface that can handle getting wet. Regular hot tub use means the flooring around your Softub is going to get wet – from splashing, from dripping, from filling and emptying the tub. Make sure that, even if the water spills, the flooring won’t be damaged. If your Softub is installed on an upper floor, be sure anything on the floor below is protected in the case of a major water spill.

Choose a room with ventilation

Your Softub, just like any hot tub, creates hot water. And that creates humidity. You’ll experience a more comfortable environment by reducing the humidity levels in the room, either by opening a door or window, or using an exhaust fan. You can also use a dehumidifier in the room to bring the moisture levels down even further.

Make sure you have a dedicated circuit

A Softub needs a 110v 15 amp or 20 amp dedicated circuit. That means no other appliances run on the circuit. Your Softub should be placed within reach of the outlet. Use of extension cords is NOT recommended.

Watch that lid

You prop up your Softub lid when you’re using your spa. The condensation will drip down to the floor, so consider placing a mat below the lid so your floor doesn’t get slippery.

With just a little thought, you can safely and comfortably use your Softub indoors. Some people choose to place their spa indoor exclusively, while others move their hot tub in and out, depending on the season. Thanks to the easy portability of Softub, the choice is yours. (And you can change your mind any time you want to!)