Our start-up kits contain these chemicals plus a separate bottle of Pettis Calcium Hardness Increaser.

Chemical Instructions for your Softub using granular chlorine & a Spa Frog Mineral Cartridge.

  1. Completely fill the tub first. The proper level is 2” above the highest jet. VERY IMPORTANT:  After adding approximately 2”-3” of warm water, if available, turn the water source off and remove all wrinkles from the bottom of the tub. After wrinkles are removed, continue to fill until water is 2” above the highest jet. On the 300+ model, you will need to turn the water source off again once the water is 2”–3” over the seat and smooth out any wrinkles on the seat.
  2. Plug in the tub and circulate water. Check under the connections to ensure no leaks. Make sure the connectors are snugly hand tight. There is no need to tighten any further.
  3. Add 2 oz. of Spa Metal & Scale Control. (Look for Softcare Gon in your kit) Allow the tub to circulate for 30 minutes before proceeding to Step 4.
  4. Add 2 tablespoons of Granular Chlorine. This will purify the source water and establish a chlorine residual. Allow at least 30 minutes of circulation. (Your spa water will still be cool at this point. It will take between 24 and 48 hours to reach your selected temperature.)
  5. Once the Softub is at temperature, gently pull the cartridge filter off and insert the Softub Spa Frog into the hollow middle of the filter. Snap the cartridge filter back onto the intake grate. Mark on your calendar 4 months from this date as that is when the Spa Frog will need to be replaced. (Spa Frog is an optional mineral purifier that kills bacteria and assists in decreasing the amount of chlorine necessary to keep your water clean.)
  6. Check your water balance weekly with the test strips provided. Adjust the pH if necessary using either pH up to raise your pH or pH down to lower your pH. ***Very Important*** Failure to maintain the proper level of pH in your Softub could cause permanent wrinkles in your liner. This is not covered by the warranty.
  7. Periodically add a maintenance dose of Metal and Scale Control (Gon) to control scale buildup, minerals and/or metals in your Softub. If you are on well water, you may want to add a weekly dose and if you are municipal water, you may want to add a dose monthly.  Please follow directions on the bottle.
  8. Maintain a chlorine residual of at least 1-3 ppm. With the use of the Spa Frog you do not need to keep it higher than that. This will allow a more enjoyable environment for you. A good routine to follow is to add a small amount of granular chlorine each time you are finished using your tub, between 1 and 3 teaspoons depending on the size of your tub (i.e.: 140 add 1 teaspoon, 220 add 2 teaspoons, 300 add 3 teaspoons). Adjust this amount based on your usage and how your tub looks weekly. Without the Spa Frog you will need to maintain 3-5 ppm of chlorine in your tub.
  9. Within a week or two of filling your Softub, we advise taking a pint-sized water sample to your nearest pool/spa store. If you live near our Rochester, NY locations, we will happily provide this service free of charge. A professional pool/spa store will perform a comprehensive water analysis and advise you if there is anything you may need. If not having your water tested by Pettis Pools, please call the Softub Express office if any chemical is recommended that was not in your original kit or if you have any questions regarding suggestions for keeping your water clean. Do not add anything you are not sure of to your Softub.  Failure to use appropriate chemicals in your Softub will void your warranty.
  10. Depending on your water source, quite often you will need to add Calcium Hardness Increaser to your Softub.  Please check your test strip for the amount of calcium in your water within the first few days of filling your tub. The line that reads “hardness” is the one that tells you your calcium hardness level. A level of 180-400 ppm is recommended for your Softub. When adding calcium hardness increaser, only add it in 1/3 cup increments; 1/3 cup total for a 140, 2/3 cup total for a 220, and 1 cup total for a 300+ – add no sooner than 2 hours apart. Adding more than 1/3 cup at a time can cause your water to become cloudy. ***VERY IMPORTANT*** Failure to maintain the proper level of Calcium Hardness in your Softub could cause permanent wrinkles and/or bagging of your liner. This is not covered by the warranty.
  11. Always have the water circulating when adding chemicals to your Softub. This will prevent the chemicals from falling to the bottom, settling and possibly staining your liner.
  12. Do not use a floating dispenser for adding chemicals to your Softub. They do not dispense the chemicals properly due to how the tub circulates and could discolor your liner. Also, only granular chlorine is recommended for use in your Softub – since it is almost pH neutral. Do not use chlorine in liquid or tablet form.
  13. The Chlor (chlorine) that comes with your Softub is the correct chemical composition that is recommended for your Softub (Sodium Di-chloro-s-triazetrione dehydrate – 95 – 99%). Please take your chlorine bottle when you need to replace your products or better yet, call us and allow us to care for your chemical needs, or shop on-line at www.softubexpress.com.
  14. Do Not Use Bromine in your Softub. Bromine can and will discolor your liner and cause it to become brittle and crack over time. This is considered chemical abuse and will not be covered under your warranty.