Congratulations! You have made a great investment!

Welcome to the world of Softub ~ where years of family fun, relaxation, relief from sore, aching muscles and tranquility are now yours. Your Softub will take great care of you as long as you treat it with a little love and follow these simple guidelines.

1. Drain your Softub every 3-4 months, even if the water still looks clear.  All hot tubs need to be drained periodically, whether it’s a Softub or a traditional hard tub. And for the same reasons. The small body of water, combined with what bathers leave behind in terms of body oils, perspiration, lotions, makeup, soap residue from bathing suits, etc and then with chemical residuals added in can saturate the water in this amount of time. Some warning signs that signal a change include cloudy water, excessive foaming, smelly water, or difficulty maintaining water balance. Save yourself the struggle and put regular hot tub drainings on your calendar. Read a more in depth explanation on our blog post at

2. Replace your cartridge filter yearly and rinse it thoroughly once per month. (This may need to be done more frequently if you’ve just gotten your Softub) Having a clean cartridge filter is a critical part of maintaining water clarity. After all, your vacuum cleaner wouldn’t pick much dirt up with a full bag would it? Even if the pleats of the cartridge don’t look discolored, after a year’s worth of use the fibers are starting to come apart and the filter can no longer catch fine particles. For more thorough cleaning, we suggest the use of our Filter Cleaner which chemically dissolves body oils off your filter cartridge for increased performance as these don’t rinse off.

3. Use Swirl Away yearly to thoroughly clean out your plumbing lines. Have you ever cut open an older plumbing line and seen the build up of bio-film and sludge in there? Believe us, the same thing happens to hot tub plumbing lines and again, we’re talking all hot tubs, not just Softub. This awesome liquid product is like roto-rootering your plumbing lines and will purge all that yucky stuff from them. Add Swirl Away the day you’re planning on draining it because it’s going to look nasty after you do! (Don’t worry – it’s supposed to!) Drain your tub, rinse thoroughly and you’ll be good as new.

4. Definitely use Aerospace 303 Vinyl Protectant on your tub & lid. Depending on the sun exposure your tub is receiving, you may need to do this anywhere from monthly to just 3 or 4 times a year. Think about it. If you sat outside all year long without any sunscreen or moisturizer on, what would your skin look like over time? Even though the marine grade vinyl has a UV stabilizer built into it, show your tub some love and help it look showroom new by using this great product. Simply spray on and wipe in with a paper towel. For the ultimate in sun protection, consider purchasing a TubGuard Protective Cover. Never use Armor All on your Softub as it will deteriorate the seams.

5. Test your spa water at least weekly and adjust chlorine, pH, alkalinity & calcium as needed. This is very important and not to be overlooked. Just like anything else, routine preventative care is the key to long-term health, in this case the health of your spa’s interior liner. Allowing these balance parameters to drift too far outside of the recommended ranges for extended periods of time can cause permanent damage to your Softub and is not covered under the warranty.