YES! You can use your Softub outside in the winter. No problem!

Helpful hints for OUTDOOR use of a Softub

1.     Although your Softub spa can be placed on any surface, the area should be cleaned and debris removed prior to filling your Softub with water. Remember that once your Softub spa is filled, it cannot be moved without emptying, so place it where you want it to remain until the next time you change the water. The surface should also be structurally strong, relatively level and capable of supporting your Softub (see owner’s manual for current load specs). Grass is an acceptable surface, but not for long term placement.

2.     Place your locking straps under your tub and connect them to your lid prior to filling with water. Make sure to leave yourself a small amount of excess length.

3.     It is highly recommended to use a Softub Tubguard Cover to protect your investment. This will guard your investment from the elements and keepyour vinyl looking new for years to come. See accessory pricing sheet for ordering information. This is especially true if you live in areas where the sun is very strong.

4.     Aerospace 303 is a vinyl protectant that will keep your Softub vinyl supple and beautiful. This should be sprayed on your tub once monthly* and will condition the vinyl and maintain the UV protection in your tub and extend the life of the tub. (*if you live in area where the sun is strong)

5.     During particularly windy conditions, it is prudent to use your locking straps to keep your tub lid attached to your tub.

6.     Please do not shovel snow off your Softub, instead brush it off for use – you do not want to rip your vinyl with the shovel. Snow is a wonderful insulator, so it does not need to be removed from around your tub except for safety reasons.

7.     When you remove the lid from your tub, if you will be resting it on an abrasive surface such as brick, concrete, or stone, it is recommended you put a towel or bath mat between the lid and the surface to protect it from scuffs and scratches. You may also want to invest in one of our handy cover lifters such as the Cover Rx.

8.     It is completely acceptable to use your Softub outside all winter long. However, if you choose to not use your Softub in the winter there are some important steps you must take to protect it from the harsh winter environment.

a.     If you are not using your Softub at all and wish to empty it and store it for the winter, make sure to bring your power pack inside to a place that remains above 50 degrees Fahrenheit. If you do not, the coils could freeze, causing leaks and operating failure.

b.     Dry the tub out completely. Try to remove as much water as you can from the internal plumbing by putting the tub on its side and rolling it slightly in both directions. Then simply wipe the tub dry. If at all possible, leave the tub open in the sunshine for an hour or so to be sure it is dry.

c.     If leaving your empty Softub outside, protect it from the elements with a travel cover or   a tarp. Remember to brush off large amounts of snow from your Softub.

Please call us if we can be of further assistance to you in enjoying your tub at:

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