Indoor Wellness Retreat

Helpful hints for INDOOR use of a Softub


1.    The Softub spa should always be placed on a structurally strong, relatively smooth and level surface (please see load specs in your owner’s manual).

2.    Install the Softub spa only on floors or areas that can withstand repeated exposure to water (tile, brick, etc.). Splashing, dripping, filling, and draining are routine operations which will spill water. Equipment failure may also cause substantial water spillage. Care must be taken that the structure underneath the Softub spa will not warp or suffer damage in the event of a water spill. If located in a multiple floor structure, objects on the floor below should be protected in the event of a major spill.

3.    Make sure you have adequate ventilation in the room. Room humidity will exist when you are using your Softub spa due to the high water temperatures. Providing natural (open window or door) or forced ventilation (exhaust fan) in the room will help maintain comfort and minimize moisture exposure to the surrounding environment. In addition, you may want to consider using a dehumidifier to remove excess moisture.

4.    The underside of the lid will have condensation on it that will drip down when the lid is propped up during spa use. You may want to consider placing a mat beneath the lid so as not to create a slippery spot on the floor.

5.    Your Softub spa needs a dedicated 110v 15amp circuit. Do not run any other appliances off of this circuit. A 20amp circuit is also fine. It is suggested that you DO NOT use an extension cord with your tub, so before you place the tub be sure you are within reach of an outlet. If you must use an extension cord, please purchase a 12 gauge cord rated heavy duty, for outdoor use in the shortest length possible. We strongly recommend that the use of an extension cord be temporary.

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