If your tub is being drop shipped to you, please read the following!

 *Your tub will be delivered by a 53’ common carrier truck.

Please inform us IMMEDIATELY if your street is such that a large truck cannot drive down it.

If you have any questions regarding the shipment of your new Softub to your home, please call us. We look forward to serving all your Softub needs.

We ship several hundred tubs per year and most of these deliveries go very smoothly. However, it is VITAL that you check your delivery carefully when it arrives. Please verify that the total number of pieces written on the Bill of Lading is actually what is received. Please also visually inspect the cardboard boxes and make sure there is no major visible damage to any of them. IF YOU SEE ANY MAJOR VISIBLE DAMAGE TO THE BOXES, IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT YOU WRITE “POSSIBLE CONCEALED DAMAGE” on the Bill of Lading that the driver will ask you to sign. There is no way to file a claim or get damaged merchandise repaired or replaced without documentation, so please check your boxes carefully.

Please note: Once your paperwork has been processed, we will contact you regarding your delivery, unless you have specified otherwise. You may additionally receive a call from our warehouse coordinator confirming you are ready for your tub. Once your tub reaches the nearest destination terminal, you will receive a phone call from the shipping company to schedule your curbside delivery. This means you will need to roll the tub to the desired location, unbox it, connect the motor unit to the tub with three simple connections, fill the tub with water, and plug it into an outlet. It’s as simple as 1,2,3. Please remember, we are only a telephone call away and are happy to assist you with all of your Softub needs.

If, for any reason, the Softub is undeliverable or canceled after it leaves our facility, you will be given a full refund minus a 15% restocking fee and any delivery/pick up or shipping charges for product that is in its original packaging. Delivered Softubs are not returnable.