Congratulations on your new Softub!


If you need assistance, call us at  1.800.996.TUBS (8827)

You have made a great investment! Welcome to the world of soothing warm water, relaxation, and relief of sore, aching muscles any time you need it! Here is a brief overview of some things you should know to help make your new Softub even more enjoyable.

Before you set up your Softub Spa, make sure that the flooring is a clean, debris-free, somewhat level surface that can withstand repeated exposure to water (tile, brick, etc.) Splashing, dripping, filling, and draining are routine operations which spill water. Place only on surfaces that can withstand the floor load requirements of your tub (between 125 and 170 lbs/sq. ft. – please see your owner’s manual). Your locking lid straps should lay flat in the shape of a “+”, and then place the empty tub on top of them.  Make sure that each strap clips securely in place prior to filling, and that there is a small amount of room left for the expansion when water is added. The combination is preset to ‘00’ and is easily reset with the enclosed instructions.

PLEASE look for the light wires prior to connecting your power pack to your tub. There are two wires, one from your power pack and one from your tub. The wires are sometimes protruding from the pack and tub or sometimes wrapped around the tubes. Occasionally you may find a wire just under the vinyl on the tub side. It is much easier to find these wires prior to connecting the tub and pack. Once you have both your wires exposed, proceed with connecting your pack and beginning to fill your tub.

Place 2-3 inches of warm to hot water in your tub to begin with, and then turn off the water. Thewarmer the water, the easier it is to set the liner. This procedure can be done with cold water too, but you’ll have to work a little harder to get all the wrinkles out. Pull whatever wrinkles are in the bottom of the tub out by pulling up on the vinyl sides of the tub near the bottom and on the vinyl bottom to remove the wrinkles, but be gentle. After 3 inches of water it may be too heavy to remove the wrinkles, so please turn off the water and remove wrinkles before proceeding. If you leave wrinkles in your tub, they could be there permanently. Wrinkles are not covered under your warranty, but are very easy for you to remove if you take a few moments the first time you fill your tub! On the 300+ models, you will need to repeat this step to smooth any wrinkles on the seat once the water gets 2” – 3” over it.

When your Softub is first filled it will run continuously until it reaches the temperature you have selected on the digital control. During this “heat up” phase, the jets will also be on because water needs to be flowing for the heat exchanger to work. A ‘P’ will show in the digital display window once the tub has reached temperature.

1.  Whenever the tub is heating, the jets button will not turn the jets off.

2.  Make sure the air control knob is off. The air control knob is the gray knob on the top of your power pack. Play with the knob gently to see how it works. Do not force this knob to turn past the preset stopping points.

A.    Turning the knob towards the digital display ^ will increase the force coming out of the jets. Turning it in the other direction decreases the force.

B.    Whenever the tub is not in use, the air control knob should be set in the direction that decreases the air force (away from the ^ button).

3. The tub is filtering the water whenever the jets are running. The filter light will only go on when the Softub has turned itself on due to 12 hours of inactivity (it has not had a heat call or the jets turned on in 12 hours).

4. The Softub heats exclusively from the waste heat of the motor and will do so in approx. 24-48 hours. Please leave your lid on the Softub while it is heating and whenever it is not in use – this will increase the efficiency and decrease the time to heat your tub.

Please take the time to read the Helpful Hints pages for using your Softub indoors or outside, depending on your personal usage and where the Softub will be located.

Your pleated filter cartridge (hereafter referred to as the filter) snaps onto either intake grate on thelower sidewalls of your Softub. The intake grates are the gray perforated covers that look a little like a spaghetti strainer. The filter snaps right over this grate. The filter should never be inserted or removedin an empty or cold tub. Many times the filter is already installed from the factory. If so, you are all set. If not, place the filter in a bucket of hot water for several minutes until the cuff becomes pliable, then the filter will snap easily onto either intake fitting. Although it is preferable to leave the filter in your tub most of the time, when you have children or many people using your tub it may be prudent to remove it to protect your filter and grate from damage. Simply remove your filter and when people are done using the tub, replace the filter over one of the intake grates. It is unnecessary and not recommended to keep a filter on both intake grates at the same time.

You should remove your filter for cleaning once each month. Rinse your filter under your faucet orgarden hose at a medium force to remove debris. Then spray your filter with a filter cleaner, such as BaquaSpa Spray & Rinse Cleaner – to remove oils and refresh your filter cartridge. Wait 15 minutes then rinse your filter cartridge again thoroughly with your hose (foaming may occur if cartridge is not rinsed well). We recommend changing your filter once every 12 months.

Depending on usage, your tub should be completely drained and cleaned every 4-6 months. Prior to emptying the water from your tub, remove the filter for cleaning. It is also recommended to clean your inner pipes once each year. This is done prior to emptying your tub with a product called Swirl Away.

Now, before you hop in for a full dose of hydrotherapy, one more item needs to be addressed. If you live outside of the Rochester, NY area, please save the box that your power pack came in. In the rareinstance that there is ever a problem or that your power pack needs service, the power pack should be mailed back to us in the box that was designed specifically for that purpose. This will save you time and money and protect your investment. It is also the easiest and safest way to ship your pack if necessary. Thank you for helping us serve you better.

If you have any questions, concerns or comments, or if we can help you in any way enjoy your tub more fully, please do not hesitate to call us at 1-800-996-TUBS (8827).

From all of us at Softub Express, Congratulations & Best Wishes for a Soothing, Relaxing and Softubbin’ future!