Softub to help fight the common cold

Headache, stuffy nose, cough, congestion and an overall feeling of ick! These are just a few of the symptoms that come along with the common cold. It may be common, but it is uncomfortable and inconvenient. Getting rid of a cold isn’t always an easy task, but your Softub may be able to help you ease your symptoms and get over your cold a little bit faster. Check out all of the ways that your Softub can help you this cold season.

Increased Blood Flow

It is widely known that hot tubs can speed healing when it comes to muscle or joint injuries. This healing comes because your blood flow is increased by the heat of the water. The extra blood flow helps affected areas to heal sooner. The same principle can be applied when talking about healing a cold. Soaking in your Softub will increase blood flow to inflamed areas, allowing your body to heal more rapidly.

Open Air Ways

Chicken soup is often touted as being a remedy for colds. The success behind eating chicken soup when you are sick has very little to do with the chicken and much more to do with the heat and steam that comes from the soup. Breathing in the steam from the broth will open your sinus and airways allowing you to breathe easier and feel better. The moist, hot air that you breathe in as you soak in your Softub works in the same way. That heat is going to open up your airways and leave you breathing easier. It will also be much more effective than that little bowl of chicken soup.

Soothing Heat

It is not uncommon to experience achiness or sore muscles when you are fighting a cold. This is due, in part, to your muscles tensing up as you cough. It can also be caused by the overall wear of a cold on your body. No matter what the cause, the soothing heat of your Softub will go a long way in relaxing those sore muscles.

By taking care of the symptoms of your cold, your body will begin to heal faster. Your body can direct help where it is needed most, rather than trying to fight all of the symptoms on its own. Think of it as a healing assistant for your body. Don’t wait until cold season is in full swing, come see us at a Softub Express event near you, or call us at 800-996-TUBS (8827). We can get your Softub up and running so you can enjoy the fun in times of health and appreciate the healing in times of sickness.

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