Softubs for Motorcycle Enthusiasts

As fall approaches and the temperature cools, the open road starts calling to motorcycle enthusiasts across the country. Riding through the hills, taking in the beauty of the changing fall leaves, is an ideal way to spend the weekend. Unfortunately, as we age, those long rides leave us with a few more aches and pains than we may have experienced in years past. Even though the reward is totally worth it, there are a few things that you can do to ease some of those pains, so your ride is a rewarding, and pleasurable, experience.

Before Your Ride

Easing your riding pains actually starts before the ride. As you prepare to head out for a long ride, consider taking a 20 minute soak in your Softub just before you leave. This will loosen your muscles and increase blood flow so your body is relaxed. You could even perform some stretches while you soak to help get your neck, shoulders, back and legs limbered up. Starting the ride loose and relaxed will give you a good start, so you aren’t adding muscle tension to already stressed muscles.

During Your Ride

While you are riding, you want to make sure you stop occasionally to stretch your legs. You may also want to do some simple arm stretches while you are stopped. As you ride, be sure to drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated and performing at its best. It is also a good idea to change riding positions occasionally. Even a slight change in position can ease the strain that hours of sitting in the same position can cause to your muscles.

After Your Ride

After you get home from a lengthy ride is an interesting time. Your mind and body are totally taxed, but you also have a deep sense of contentment. Your bed calls to you, but before you go take a few minutes to enjoy your Softub. The persistent heat will ease your aching joints and muscles while allowing your mind a little time to process the day. Soaking in your Softub before bed also puts your body in an ideal position for a great night of sleep. Your Softub is the perfect transition between your exciting, enjoyable, exhausting day and the comforting call of your bed.

The benefits of Softubs are truly amazing for anyone, but they can be of particular benefit to motorcyclists. If you want to experience these benefits with your next ride, find us on the open road or give us a call at 800-996-TUBS (8827). With the simple installation of a Softub, we can easily have you up and running, before your next motorcycle adventure.

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