Add value to your vacation rental with a Softub

Vacation Rentals by owner are becoming increasingly popular. As the owner of a vacation home, you know that the competition is steep when it comes to attracting guests. Guests want the most amenities for the best price. That leaves you constantly on the lookout for new ways to attract guests and increase your home’s value.

The Benefits

One of the things that many people are looking for when renting a vacation home is a portable hot tub. There are a couple of reasons that a hot tub tops the list. First of all, they are looking for something their current home doesn’t have. Vacations are all about getting to experience places and things that you don’t normally have an opportunity to. They are also looking for a hot tub because they are on vacation to relax, and nothing is more relaxing than ending the day in a bubbly hot tub.

The Drawbacks

At this point, you may be saying yeah, yeah, yeah, I know all of the benefits, but what about the drawbacks? Hot tubs are expensive, and they add a whole new level of maintenance and cost to your vacation home. You want your vacation home to be as maintenance-free as possible, and a hot tub sounds like the opposite of maintenance-free. We hear you.

The Solution

A Softub could be the answer to your problem. Softubs check off all the wish list items for your guests, while keeping costs low and maintenance down for you.

Guests will Love Them

Softubs are unique and bring something to your vacation rental they won’t find everywhere. Your guests will love that they have the option of a nightly soak and they are getting to experience something new and exciting. The freeform seating of a Softub means your guests will be comfortable no matter what height or size they are. That is not always the case with traditional hot tubs. Their molded seats don’t provide a one size fits all tub. With a traditional tub, your guests that are taller or shorter than average might not enjoy your tub as much as they could. With a Softub, you know your guests will experience the same high level of comfort.

They are Low Maintenance

Because of the simplicity a Softub brings, you will enjoy how easy it is to maintain. Softubs require less cleaning and less chemicals than traditional hot tubs, which will help you cut down on costs. You will also save significantly on utilities when compared to running a traditional tub. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how easy and cost effective a Softub really is.

The bottom line is that a Softub is a great way to bring added comfort, relaxation, and fun to your vacation home, without incurring a lot of cost or added headache. Come visit us at a Softub Express event near you, or call us at 800-996-TUBS (8827), and let us help you increase the value of your vacation home today.

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