Ideal Length of Time to Softub

As soon as you take your first soak in a Softub, you know that you could easily spend hours basking in its greatness. Unfortunately, spending hours on end in your Softub might not be so healthy. Too much time in the heat can cause lightheadedness, dizzy feelings and nausea. This overheating can be dangerous and will definitely put a damper on your Softub enjoyment.

So, what is the best length of time to soak in your Softub? Well, that all depends. The temperature of your tub, the outdoor temperature and what your desired effects are from your Softub all play a role in determining what the ideal amount of time is for your soak.


Average Times and Temperatures

The average hot tub temperature is between 100 and 102 degrees Fahrenheit, but some people prefer a temperature as hot as 104 degrees. If you are using your tub for relaxation or healing 102 degrees is really a great temperature, but you should not spend more than 15-30 minutes soaking at this temperature. If your water temperature is a few degrees warmer or cooler, you should adjust your soak time a few minutes either way.

Extreme Outdoor Temperatures

If the air temperature is extremely hot or extremely cold you don’t need to avoid your hot tub, but you should use caution. Extreme temperatures can cause your brain to have an unrealistic sense of body temperature. That means that you could be overheating from the water temperature, but not realizing that your body is too hot! So whether it is really hot or really cold, you should turn down the heat a few degrees and limit your soak to no more than 15 minutes.

Longer Soaks

We know that sometimes you would like to spend longer than 30 minutes soaking in your tub. Maybe you are having company over, planning a Softub movie or game night and 30 minutes just isn’t enough. You have a couple of options. You could lower your tub temperature a few degrees, to lower the risk of overheating. This allows you a longer evening in your Softub.

If turning down the heat doesn’t appeal to you, then you could also take a break from soaking every 20-30 minutes. Getting out of your Softub and letting your body temperature return to normal, before reentering will help to ensure that you are not going to overheat.

The whole reason that you purchased your Softub is to relax and enjoy, but safety should always come first. Fortunately, by following these guidelines you can safely enjoy your Softub. If you have any questions about safe Softub use, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 800-996-TUBS (8827) or visit us at an event near you. At Softub Express, we are here to help you get the most out of your Softub.

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