Nurse’s orders: Daily Softub Soak

As a nurse, you spend all day caring for other people. You put your heart and soul into caring for your patients. Every thought is consumed with what your patients need, what will make them comfortable and how you can ease their pain. When your shift finally ends and you have 5 seconds to think, you realize that you have your own needs. Your feet are aching from the miles that you walked making your rounds. Your back is killing you from moving all of those patients. And, your stress level is through the roof from being pulled in so many directions.

You need to take care of you!

Before you claim that you don’t have enough time to take care of you, let us tell you why you do.

You can take care of all your aches and pains, lower your stress level and even set yourself up for a better night’s sleep in just 20 minutes a day. When you invest in a Softub that is exactly what you will be doing.

Softub Benefits

The moist heat of a Softub increases circulation to relax sore muscles. The increased circulation also helps relieve any pain that you feel in your joints after a long shift, and what nurse doesn’t end the day with stiff joints? Studies also show that the body temperature changes that occur when soaking in a hot tub for even just 20 minutes, as part of your evening routine, can put your body in an ideal state to fall asleep fast and get a more restful night of sleep. Just imagine starting each day rested and refreshed. Surely you can carve out 20 minutes a day to give yourself all of that special treatment.

Softubs are Easy to Own

Now you’re thinking that you might be able to find 20 minutes for soaking, but you couldn’t possibly find time to do a construction project to install a hot tub or find time to maintain a hot tub. With a Softub, setup literally takes less than an hour. Less than 80 pounds empty, they are easy to move and plug into any dedicated, standard household 110v outlet so no electrician is needed. Your Softub maintenance is very minimal. With just 5 simple steps, some of which only need to be done yearly, you can keep your Softub looking great!  Softubs are very manageable even for the busiest of nurses and the busiest of families.

So as you finish your next shift, think about how soothing it would be to take that Softub soak. If you absolutely knew that a Softub would help one of your patients, would you hesitate to recommend one? We absolutely know that a Softub will benefit you! Please take care of yourself for once and stop by our showroom. Our friendly staff will take care of you from there. See you soon!

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