Softubs ARE durable

As a Softub dealer, we are constantly dispelling myths about Softubs. Maybe people just think that Softubs are too good to be true, so they come up with reasons that they couldn’t be as good as everyone says. One of the biggest myths is that Softubs are inflatable, which they are not. A second, and the one we will be addressing today, is that Softubs just aren’t durable. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Softubs are incredibly durable. Maybe it is their deceptively simple design that causes all of the confusion, but we are here to put that myth to rest once and for all.


From the outside in, Softubs are made with the technologies that set them apart. We will start with the exterior of a Softub. It is made out of Leathertex. Leathertex offers lifelong durability. It can stand up against any type of weather that Mother Nature throws at it. This makes Softubs great for any kind of extreme temperature. From snow to sun, your Softub will last for years to come. The Leathertex is available in 7 colors, so that durable exterior will look great in any environment.


The interior of Softubs are made from Polybond. Polybond gives the inside of your Softub that super soft comfort that Softub owners love. That softness does not mean that the interior isn’t stable. With a Softub you get the best of both worlds – softness and stable durability. You never have to worry that those soft walls will be compromised.

Other Features

The technological innovations that go into making the wall construction of a Softub incredibly durable, spills over into the other features too. Like the unique heat recovery system that keeps your Softub at an ideal temperature with only a 15 amp outlet. Design engineers at Softub have gone out of their way to ensure that Softubs are simple, comfortable, and durable. That makes them easy to move, easy to use and easy to love.

Now that you know the truth about Softubs, come out to our showroom so you can see the durability for yourself. Once you experience the quality and durability for yourself you will be ready to take the plunge and buy one for yourself.

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