Get your Softub ready for summer

With the dog days of summer quickly approaching, you might not be thinking about your Softub, but you should be. Your Softub will need just a little bit of loving care as you head into summer. Many of these things are just general routine maintenance, but the changing season is the perfect time to get these things done.

Clean the Pipes

As with all water pipes, mildew and nasty sludge build up in your pipes all year. The heat of summer can increase this build up, so you will want to start your summer Softub preparation by cleaning your pipes. You should clean your Softub pipes using Swirl Away Plumbing Cleaner. Start with the old water that has been in your hot tub. Add the Swirl Away to your pipes, the nasty build up will then be pumped out into your Softub.

Drain your Tub

That brings us to the next step, draining your Softub. There are two main reasons you need to drain your tub. The first and most obvious reason is that you have just pumped sludge into your Softub when you cleaned your pipes. Obviously, you don’t want that floating in your tub. Don’t worry you were going to be draining your tub anyway. Summer heat can make your water a little more unstable. Give your tub a fresh start for the summer by draining your Softub. It might sound like a pain, but it is really quite easy. Simply take an unconnected garden hose and hold one end up to a jet (with the jets on). As soon as water starts pumping out the other end, you can drop the hose into the tub and gravity siphoning will take place. Viola, your Softub is drained.

Clean Everything

After your tub is drained, you will want to give the inside of your tub a good clean out. You will also want to give your filter a thorough cleaning. Your filter is a main line of defense for keeping your hot tub clear, so you will want to make sure that it starts the summer clean. If it has been a year since you’ve had a new filter, you should replace your filter altogether. The beginning of summer is a great time to replace your filter, so if you are just setting up your Softub maintenance routine then we suggest planning to replace every year at the beginning of summer.

Refill your Tub

Now that everything is clean, it is time to refill your tub. Just fill it back up with fresh water for your fresh start.

Add Spa Perfect

Summertime brings with it an added challenge for your Softub. In the summer, you sweat more and you probably add sunscreen to your daily skincare routine. This means that the added sweat and sunscreen are coming off in your Softub. This isn’t a problem if you make sure that you are adding Spa Perfect to your tub. The enzymes in Spa Perfect break down the organic waste that accumulates in your spa water. For the summer your Spa Perfect will be working overtime to keep your water clean, so you will want to be sure to add Spa Perfect to your tub every week.

That’s it! Taking care of your routine maintenance at the beginning of summer and adding Spa Perfect weekly are the only things you need to do to continue enjoying your Softub all summer long. If you are running low on Spa Perfect, stop by the showroom or download the app and pick up a supply that will last you all summer long.


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