Softub Owner’s Testimonials

We could write a hundred articles telling you how great our Softubs are, but we think it means a whole lot more when our customers tell you what they think. Check out these great testimonials from real life Softub owners.


Ron has been a Softub owner for 16 years. He says that he still uses his Softub 5-6 times a week! Ron’s wife was a bit of skeptic, but she couldn’t even tell a difference in their utility bill. Now she’s happy and he’s happy.




Checkout this testimonial from Kelly. She has only owned her Softub for a short while, but she has already nicknamed it “The Goddess.” She loves the comfort of her Softub and says it feels like a giant pillow.




Larry enjoys how easy his Softub was to set up and how easy it is to maintain. Even in the cold Montana winters, he is only paying $6-$8 a month to run his Softub.




Pet Owner

This lady has had her Softub for 20 years. She loves it and her dog loves it too. Her dog suffers from arthritis so he gets to soak about 20 minutes a day to help keep his joints loose.




There you have it. Just a few of our satisfied customers. Whether they are still in the honeymoon phase, or they have had their hot tub for decades, Softub owners are dedicated to their tubs and that says more than we ever could. Come see us at Softub Express and see for yourself why our customers love their Softubs.

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