Father’s Day Softub

He is always working hard, sacrificing his time and money for the good of the family. He’s there to listen and help whenever he can…he’s dad. Even when he drives you crazy, you still love him and deep down you know that you owe him far more than you can ever repay. We have a gift that can come really close…a Softub. Dad deserves the very best, right? We have compiled our top 10 list for why dad deserves a Softub this year.

  • #10 Dad isn’t as young as he used to be. He needs a way to ease all of the aches that come with old age.
  • #9 He lost hours of sleep waiting for you to sneak in late. Now that you are grown, he deserves to get the best sleep possible. Soaking in his Softub each night before bed will have him sleeping like a baby.
  • #8 Dad could never have anything nice while you were living at home. Now he can.
  • #7 You can make up for all the times you were a pain in the neck, by relieving his current neck pain.
  • #6 He is the ultimate cheapskate and Softubs are far cheaper to run and maintain than a traditional hot tub.
  • #5 It’s better for dad to ride out his midlife crisis in a Softub than burning rubber down the highway.
  • #4 He will have something to do with all of his free time other than driving mom crazy.
  • #3 The more relaxed he feels, the more likely he is to babysit the grandkids.
  • #2 You want to keep dad around as long as possible and studies show that relaxing in a hot tub is good for his cardiovascular health.
  • and the #1 reason you should get dad a Softub this year…He might just let you use it!

Now that we have convinced you, stop by our showroom and get dad all set up with a brand new Softub.

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