Military lifestyle rule out a hot tub? Not so fast …

When you’re in the military, you move around. A lot. And while you become a master at making a home wherever you’re sent to serve your country, there are some things you typically have to do without. Like a hot tub.

Sure, there are inflatable models that you can take from place to place. But as true hot tubs, they leave a lot to be desired.

  • First of all, they aren’t very comfortable.
  • Second, they typically move water with air jets instead of heated water, so as you run the tub the water actually begins to cool.
  • Third, they’re inefficient – the lack of insulation means the heater has to work harder, and you’re going to spend more to keep the water hot and ready.

But Softubs are different. And dare we say, better. While they’re truly portable, they aren’t inflatable. When empty, they’re lightweight yet rigid – just roll it into position, connect the heating unit, fill it up and plug it into a 110v outlet. That’s pretty much it.

Softubs are insulated and highly efficient. Typical operating costs are only about $14 a month. The padded interior is barrier-free so you can find a position that’s comfortable for you. The largest model comes with a therapy seat and two pulsating jets to target areas that are frequently sore, like your lower back. Perfect after a hard day training.

When it’s time to move on, simply disconnect your Softub, empty it, and roll it into the moving truck. Once you’re at your new location, repeat the set-up process and you can be enjoying your Softub by the next day. (In fact, we suggest you make it the first thing you set up at your new house. Soaking in the hot tub is going to feel amazing after all that work moving in.)

Not in the military? Softubs are perfect for anyone who moves frequently or can’t install a traditional hot tub. Renters, corporate-types who are often transferred for work – we’re talking to you. When you want the peace, comfort and relaxation that comes from a hot tub but your lifestyle rules out a hard-sided tub, a Softub is the solution.

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2 thoughts on “Military lifestyle rule out a hot tub? Not so fast …”

  1. As a military family we thought the same thing; however; there are no authorized softub dealers that can provide maintenance where most military families are likely to be stationed. We have a softub that has an issue with the thermostat, and cannot get service/support until we move back to the continental United States. Right now my softub is a yard decoration, because it is unsafe to use.

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