Soak away your motorcycle riding pains

The open road, the wind in your face, the sun on your back, and the roar of a motor in your ears, sounds like your ideal weekend. There is nothing you would rather do than ride around the country on your motorcycle, taking in new sights and exploring the beautiful country. By the time the weekend gets here, you are ready to jump on your bike and leave the stressful week behind.

Unfortunately, a weekend filled with hours on your bike can take a toll on your body. Leg cramps, back pain, stiffness in your neck, soreness in your wrists and knees-these are all common side effects of going on a long ride. While you are on the road you can make frequent stops, drink plenty of water, and push through the discomfort because you are doing what you love, but once the bike is parked and you’re back home the pain really sets in. You won’t stop riding, so what can you do to ease the pain of doing what you love?

Consider getting a Softub from Softub Express. For years, physical therapist and sports medicine gurus have been using moist heat, like that found in a hot tub, to help ease muscle pain and joint stiffness. Soaking in a hot tub increases blood flow and promotes healing, as well as, overall muscle health. They recommend soaking in a hot tub for 15-20 minutes 2-3 times a day to get the most benefit. Following this regimen will relax your sore muscles, relieve your cramps, and soothe your joint pain.

Nobody has time to hit the gym 2-3 times a day and the expense and headache of hot tub ownership is something you don’t want to take on. A Softub is the perfect solution. Softubs offer all of the benefits of a hot tub, but they are significantly cheaper and easier to install and run. A Softub allows you to spend your free time, and money, doing what you love, riding over the hills and hugging the curves, but still offers the pain relieving benefits of a hot tub. Check out all of the great benefits of a Softub and start your new post-ride routine today.

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