Easy Softub Setup

One of the greatest features of a Softub is that they have a plug and play style setup. With 10 simple steps that can easily be completed by one person. You can’t ask for an easier setup. When that truck pulls up and your Softub is rolled off. You are literally just minutes away from having your Softub installed and heating up.

  1. Your Softub will come in a sturdy round box, so you can simply roll your Softub to its install location. It can even be rolled up or downstairs to get it to the place you need it. Just keep in mind that it needs to be installed on a level surface.

  2. With the box still on its side, open the box. Avoid using sharp objects to open the box. It is easiest to open the side and peel it away from the top and bottom so your tub can be rolled out then laid down. When you lay the tub down, position the safety straps underneath the tub.

  3. Connect the air pipes starting at the top. Handle the pipes with care, especially the smallest pipe. After you have aligned the large hoses, push them into each other.

  4. Now you will be ready to connect the light cable and attach the clamps firmly.

  5. Place the foam wrap and cover around the connections.

  6. Remove the cover and attach the filter.

  7. Place your garden hose underneath the filter to secure it in the tub, turn it on and as the pool is filling flatten out the inner liner, taking out all of the wrinkles. Once the tub has about 1 inch of water in it, use your hand to carefully smooth out the liner and remove any wrinkles and air pockets that may have formed. Then continue to fill the pool until it is 2-3 inches below the top liner seam.

  8. Plug the motor cable into the electric socket, but not until the tub is filled with water.

  9. Turn on the motor. The temperature is pre-set to the optimal temperature of 101 degrees Fahrenheit. Once the water is warm to the touch, add chlorine with the motor running and the air valve open.

  10. Close and secure the lid lock and let your Softub continue heating. Your tub should be ready for soaking as early as the next day.

There you have it 10 easy steps to setting up your Softub. Still have questions, check out our easy setup video here.

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