Hitting the road? Be sure to pack a Softub!

If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there.  — Lewis Carroll

That pretty much sums up the RV life, doesn’t it? Life on the open road, adventure around every bend. New discoveries to be made, and new places to explore. After all that adventuring, wouldn’t it feel great to spend the evening soaking in your hot tub? Too bad you can’t bring it with you.

But wait!

Thanks to Softub, you can! Softubs are portable hot tubs – not inflatable hot tubs. These are quality spas made from dependable, quality components that you can take, well, pretty much anywhere. One person can have it up and running in about an hour – all you need is a 110v outlet and a water source.

Our Softub 140 is perfect for RVers, with four hydrotherapy jets and an LED spa light. This model seats 1-2 people, holds 140 gallons of water and weighs only 50 pounds when empty. When it’s time to move on, simply empty your spa, and roll it inside your RV to carry it to your next stop.

Softubs are unique. Not just because they’re so easy to move around and set up, but because of their design. In fact, they’re more like therapy tubs than fancy hot tubs loaded with extra features. And that’s a good thing.

With a Softub, you get:

  • open seating, so there are no pinch points and no seats that don’t quite fit right
  • fewer, but powerful jets that move the water
  • the ability to fill it with hot OR cold water. Regular hot tubs can’t do that. So, you technically have a portable pool, too!

The next time you’re on the road again, be sure you have a Softub packed with all your other necessities. Whether you’re camping in the forest, parked at the beach, or relaxing in the desert, you’ll be able to sit back, relax and have, just maybe, the best trip of your life.

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