Hydrotherapy For You and Your Kids – At Home!

Raising a child is an art form all its own. Children can have very short attention spans – who can blame them? The bombardment of information they are processing 24/7 in our busy, high tech society can overwhelm even the best behaved and most composed – heck, it overwhelms most adults!

There are great educators, coaches, and therapists out there that people defer to for purposes of schooling, athletic coaching, and various types of therapy for kids with special needs.

Hydrotherapy is renowned for its rejuvenating, restorative, therapeutic effects on physically disabled people old and young. Hydrotherapy is great for anyone of course! Who doesn’t benefit from a good soak in a hot tub? With a Softub, you and your child can enjoy instant relaxation and recovery after sports, therapy, or scholastic rigor. Heat it up, cool it down, enjoy the hydrotherapy massage jets.

Softubs are phenomenal for introducing kids to water and for aiding in any therapy they might need. If your child does have a physical disability, the always accessible home Softub would be a tremendous booster to their therapy, comfort, and happiness. Discretion, common sense, and the consultation of professionals should precede any usage.

Softubs are affordable, easy to operate and maintain, and can fit in the smallest of yards – or even indoors. In fact, they are portable! Move yours inside and outside as you wish, or keep yours outdoors all year long and enjoy that tremendous feeling of dipping into your hot Softub while it’s ice cold outside!

The bottom line:

A Softub will improve anyone’s quality of life –

  • Without the hefty price tag of a “hard” tub

  • Without the site preparation and setup difficulties of a “hard” tub

  • With durability and mobility

We encourage you to visit your nearest Softub showroom and see some Softubs in person. We’ll be glad to answer any questions you have – and to schedule your test soak!

In the meantime, click here to learn more about the Softub difference!

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