Hot tubbin’ with Type 2 diabetes?

Recently, it seems that there has been a flood of new research showing all of the amazing health benefits that hot tubs can offer for various diseases, Type 2 diabetes is no exception!

The New England Journal of Medicine recently published their findings on a study of hot tub use for Type 2 diabetics, the results were quite remarkable. In the study, participants soaked in a hot tub for 30 minutes a day, six days a week, for just 3 weeks. They found that on average, participants blood sugar fell by 13% in just 3 weeks!

Basically, they were able to lower their blood sugar by simply soaking for 30 minutes a day. Participants also reported improved sleep patterns. These findings are in addition to the hot tub benefits that we all expect, like less stress and an overall feeling of peacefulness.

So how are these kind of results achieved by something as simple as sitting in a hot tub?

Research is showing that hot tubbing actually has many of the same benefits as exercising. In fact, doctors often recommend hot tubbing for people who are unable to exercise.

Since exercise has been shown to decrease blood sugar, it is not a far stretch to see that the link between soaking in the hot tub and exercising is at least part of what accounts for the decrease in blood sugar found in the study.

As with anything related to your health, check with your doctor before you begin regular hot tub use to help with your Type 2 diabetes.

In spite of all the health benefits, many people feel overwhelmed with the thought of owning their own hot tub. Stop by our showroom and let our staff show you how a Softub can give you all of the health benefits without the complicated maintenance and high utility bills that come with a traditional hot tub.

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