How to Identify a Quality Softub

You are ready to buy a Softub, but you need to make sure that you are buying a quality tub. A quick internet search will turn up several articles on how to identify a high quality traditional hot tub. But, what about people like you who are looking for a Softub? How do you know you are getting a high quality Softub? Here are 4 ways to know that what you are buying is top of the line and built to last.

There is only ONE Softub

Softub is a brand of hot tub and was the one who invented and manufactured this revolutionary product. That was back in 1986, and there are now hundreds of thousands of these quality hot tubs all over the world. Due to this success, there are several knock-offs on the market that try to imitate a Softub but cannot duplicate this product. They do not have the manufacturing know-how, and the incredible technology behind a Softub is protected by a dozen patents. Just because a hot tub is soft-sided, does NOT make it a Softub.

Not Inflatable

When looking for a portable hot tub that is easy to set up and doesn’t require a permit, you will probably encounter a lot of inflatable hot tubs. They are inexpensive, they are easy to move and they don’t require an electrician or a plumber. That is where their benefits end. There is a better option in the form of a Softub. Softubs are also easy to move and don’t require any skilled workers to install. Softubs, however, are not inflatable-they are high quality and durable. An inflatable hot tub can leave you feeling deflated, but that will never happen with a Softub. Inflatable hot tubs only last a couple of years and can be very expensive to operate. They also don’t have the same jet power as a Softub so hydrotherapy benefits are limited.

 Softub Softub  NOT a Softub NOT a Softub

High Quality Materials

You know you are getting a good soft spa if they are made from high quality materials. Many of the inflatable tubs are prone to holes and will likely require a patch or two before the end of their short life. Not so with a Softub. Softubs are made from polypropylene foam. The foam is soft, comfortable and best of all durable. That polypropylene foam is covered with LeatherTex or Syntex. This marine-grade vinyl adds to the durability of a Softub. These high quality materials put Softubs in a class all of their own.

Reputable Dealer

A good way to know that you are getting a quality product is to make your purchase from a reputable dealer. Inflatable hot tubs can be picked up at big box stores and ordered from online stores that sell everything from toilet paper to couches. These stores aren’t knowledgeable about hot tubs and they aren’t concerned about quality. At Softub Express, all we do is Softubs. We have extensive knowledge of our tubs. Providing quality Softubs is our top priority. Buying from us means that you will be getting a high quality product every time, with support for the lifetime of your tub.

Purchasing a portable hot tub is a big decision. Following these simple tips can help you go into your purchase feeling confident. You will know that you are buying a quality Softub that can be enjoyed for years to come.

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