Genius Ideas to design privacy for your Softub

Maybe you need privacy for a romantic evening in your Softub? Maybe you just need to block out the rest of the world as you enjoy some much needed stress relief? Whatever the reason, most Softub owners want some amount of privacy surrounding their Softub. We have put together 5 genius ideas for creating this privacy so you can enjoy your Softub without the noise, distraction and prying eyes of others.

Strategic Placement

The first thing that you should consider is strategic placement. Thinking about privacy as you decide where to place your hot tub will make it much easier to create a perfectly protected setting. Maybe there is a place on your deck or patio that allows your house to shield your tub on 2 sides. Placing your tub in the corner of a privacy fence could also be a great way to create a little seclusion.

Privacy Screens

Privacy screens are a great option for getting a more protected setting. They are portable, allowing you to have as much or as little privacy as you need. When you are having a party or a get together, where you will be enjoying your Softub, you won’t want as much privacy. With privacy screens you can move them around to open up your outdoor space. Then, bring them back in to create that private environment.

Spa Umbrella

Another great portable option is a spa umbrella. These umbrellas are designed to shield your tub, and you, from the sun. Because the sun is not always in the same spot they are easy to move and tilt to block the sun. That ease of use makes them a great option for adding the perfect amount of privacy to your Softub whenever you need it. Several great colors to choose from too!


If portability isn’t a concern for you, then plants are a great way to provide privacy for your Softub. In addition to looking great, plants provide a wind break and offer a good amount of privacy. You can plant them directly in the ground or set them around in large pots. You will want to make sure that you choose plants that don’t produce too much debris. They should also be an appropriate size to get the privacy you need without being intrusive.

Decorative Features

Finally, you can add any number of decorative design features to create privacy around your Softub. Creating a design for your Softub space is easy. A trellis with vining plants, a pergola with beautiful hanging curtains, maybe even a gazebo, all provide great privacy. As an added perk they create a gorgeous setting for your Softub. Softub surrounds are also extremely popular.

The need for privacy around your Softub is important. Fortunately, with these creative options you don’t have to sacrifice the way your Softub looks to get the privacy you want.

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