Stay limber after 50

You’ve heard it said that youth is wasted on the young. The older you get the more you believe that to be true. At the time you didn’t know that you were taking for granted all of the things that you could easily do. Now that you are aging and you aren’t able to do those things as easily, you see how fortunate you really were in your younger days. Fortunately, you still feel mostly youthful and there are many things that you can do to help you maintain that youthful feel. One of the biggest keys is staying limber and flexible. Having the ability to move freely and quickly allows you to stay active and continue doing the things you love. A Softub Express hot tub can be a key player in accomplishing that goal.

Softub to increase mobility

One of the ways that you stay limber, no matter what your age, is by regularly taking your body through its full range of motion. It is kind of a ‘use it or lose it’ sort of thing. As you age, it is harder to get through that full range. That is where your Softub comes into play. By literally warming up your muscles with a soak in your Softub you are making your muscles more pliable and receptive to movement. The heat of the water also increases blood flow which allows your joints to move more freely. While you are in your Softub, embrace all of the benefits that the heat is bringing to your body and move each of your joints through their full range of motion. Moving through the water puts 12 times more resistance on your body than moving it through the air. So basically, if you can keep your body moving well in the water you will see benefits when out of the water.

Softub to prevent injury

Another key reason to stay limber is to prevent injury. We all know of people who were extremely active until one minor injury took them down. As you age, it takes longer for your body to heal. That is a double-edged sword because the longer it takes you to heal, the less you are moving. The less you are moving, the harder it is to maintain your mobility and so starts a vicious cycle. The best thing is to do all that you can to prevent injury in the first place. Your Softub is the perfect place for this. Using it daily to stretch will help to prevent injury. Soaking after any major physical activity will also help to promote healing to any minor injuries that could potentially become a bigger problem.

In short, using a Softub t220 or Softub t300 daily for stretching to prevent injury, and as needed for recovery, is just what it takes to stay limber and active. With the help of a Softub you might just decide that your youth didn’t end when you were young after all.

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