7 Ways to Prevent Soreness After Exercise

“Feel the burn.”  “If it’s not hurting, it’s not working.” “No pain, No gain.” We have all heard the workout cliches that subtly, or not so subtly imply that there is a level of discomfort that comes with exercising. Although it is true that there will be some sore muscles when you exercise, there are several things that you can do to help prevent pain during and after your workout. We have put together a list of seven things that you can do to prevent soreness after exercise.

Amazingly, many of these things can be accomplished with a Softub.


This one is probably common sense, but it is an important one. Stretch. You should always stretch your muscles before you exercise. It is like easing your muscles into what they are about to do. When your muscles go from tight to intense use, you will definitely feel it for days after your workout. Taking a few minutes to gently stretch them first will save you from a lot of time spent in pain later. Stretching also happens to be one of the things that you can do in your Softub, as stretching is best accomplished when your muscles are warm. Completing your stretches while soaking in the warm water of your Softub is ideal.

Warm up

Yes, you should warm up before you start your activity, but here we are talking about literally warming up your muscles. Soaking in warm water increases the blood flow to your muscles causing them to relax. The heat also loosens your joints giving you a better range of motion. With relaxed muscles and loose joints there is less risk for injury.


Staying hydrated is another way to prevent soreness. When your body is hydrated all of your systems function much better keeping soreness at bay.

Work out with correct form

Focusing on correct form during your workout is a key player in preventing soreness and injury. Your body is a meant to bend and stretch in amazing ways, but when your form is incorrect you could be forcing your body to move in ways that will cause injury.

Take an ice bath

Many serious athletes use ice baths to soothe their muscles directly after a workout. Your Softub can be cooled, if you choose, and ice could be added to give you a place to cool your muscles. Just keep in mind it will take the heater a bit to warm things back up once the water has been cooled.

Heat up later in the day

Although heat is actually not recommended right after your workout, it is recommended that you take a hot soak later in the day. It will ease the muscles that may begin to tighten as the day has gone on. This is a perfect opportunity to jump in your Softub and relax.

Use your sore muscles

Finally, if you do get sore muscles resist the urge to sit and not use them. You will recover from muscle soreness much faster if you continue to use the muscles rather than babying them.

Although sore muscles will be inevitable sometimes, following these tips will help to decrease the duration and frequency of your soreness. By investing in a Softub, you will find relief and get back to enjoying your day.

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