Carpal tunnel symptoms? Get relief in your Softub!

Click, click, click, click, click.

Tap, tap. Tap, tap, tap.

Click, click, click, click. Click, click.


Sound familiar? How many hours a day do you spend clicking and tapping way on your computer keyboard? Or swiping and tapping on your smartphone?

Working. Shopping. Banking. Chatting with friends and family. We spend hours a day in these activities. Some of them are for fun. Some are necessary. But all combine to put the health of your wrists at risk and could lead you to develop carpal tunnel syndrome.

Carpal tunnel pain can be just awful. It starts with burning, tingling or numbness in your fingers. All the repetitive-motion swiping, mousing and typing affects the nerves and tendons in where your wrist and hand meet, causing shooting pain in your arm. Then the tendons start to push the nerve into your wrist bone – and you get excruciating pain.

Early on, you can ease the symptoms of carpal tunnel with rest, and by changing positions. But eventually, scar tissue builds up and surgery is needed.

Before that, though, studies have shown you can help ease the symptoms of carpal tunnel with … your hot tub!

For mild or moderate carpal tunnel, soaking in your hot tub can offer relief. The heat from the water helps the muscles and tendons relax so that fluids are released and swelling is reduced. At this stage, alternate your hot water soaks with cold compresses to get the best effect.

For advanced or new carpal tunnel, use cold compresses and an anti-inflammatory medication first. Then, enjoy a soothing soak in your hot tub to achieve a few hours of long-term relief.

Of course, carpal tunnel is a medical condition. So be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin. Now, step away from your keyboard or your smartphone for a little while, and give your wrists a break! Take a stroll down to our showroom so you can choose the perfect softub to soak away your pain.

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