Hot Tubs Can Benefit Digestion

Adapted from Softub Corporate’s blog:

Did you know a soak in your spa can help with digestion?

The passage of food into the gastrointestinal system causes an increase in blood flow to the stomach and intestines*. Studies have shown that hydrotherapy causes the blood vessels to widen (known as vasodilation) and in turn, decreases blood pressure*, and eases blood flow and improves circulation*.

But, the increased blood flow to your gastrointestinal, plays a small part in the grand-scheme-of-things. The increase in blood flow to the stomach and intestines is achieved by diversion of blood primarily from skeletal muscle tissue and by increasing the volume of blood pumped forward by the heart each minute*. Pretty interesting, huh?

Try taking a soak in your Softub to help regulate your digestive system. Owning a hot tub benefits a vast area of your life—this is just one more to the lot-of-them.


*When first entering a hot tub, there is an increase in blood pressure. If you suffer from any heart conditions or if you have high blood pressure, consult with your doctor before using a hot tub.

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