For the Love of Softub!

When I am selling at a fair or festival, I am often asked if I have a Softub. I can honestly answer, of course I do! But I like to answer to a little more in depth because the frequent follow-up question is, “Why buy a Softub over a traditional hard-sided tub”. Now, our parent company, Pettis Pools & Patio, sells both kinds of hot tubs so I am happy no matter what kind of hot tub you purchase from us, but more and more frequently, people do choose Softub.

Why did I choose Softub? (And in the interest of full disclosure I am one of the owners of Pettis Pools so I could have chosen any hot tub we sell). I chose Softub for the same reasons my mother, my brother, my division manager and my service manager chose Softub, and why many of you will too. They are simply the most comfortable, most affordable, most energy-efficient and simplest to own hot tub on the market today.

At less than 80 pounds empty, they can be easily set up by one person, can be rolled through a standard doorway, used indoors or out, and plugged into a standard 110v household outlet. What could be easier than that?

My husband likes to say that a Softub is the hot tub for the thinking man, and that a lot of people who purchase a Softub are actually second hot tub owners. The reason for this is, after owning one of the admittedly more flashy and more sexy traditional hard tubs, people realize that it isn’t all about the number of jets or pump horsepower and that more is NOT always better. Do you really need 50 jets? Not really? 4, 5 or 7 will do just fine. I personally can’t sit directly in front of a jet for more than 5-10 minutes at a time because the power of the jet causes my back to redden after that amount of time. I like to start off with a therapeutic massage, and then move in between two of the jets and let the bubbling hot water swirl around me for the rest of my soak.

The important thing is to take the time to unplug, relax and recharge from the day. Another reason I enjoy my Softub so much is the near silent operation of it. The last thing I want after the constant barrage of phone calls, text messages, commercials and the noise of daily life is a loud motor in my ear. There is something very restorative to the peace & quiet of focusing on each other, or listening to the sounds of nature around you while you let the day go.

Most people would say they like hot tubs….but Softub owners are in LOVE with theirs.

Isn’t it time for your own love affair?

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