Where is the filter in my Softub—and how do I replace/clean it?

The filter is located inside the Softub and attaches over either one of the intake grates towards the bottom of the spa. (The intake grates are round discs with lots of little holes in them.)


The filter can only be installed or removed when the spa is full of heated water which makes the cuff at the bottom of the filter pliable so it can be installed or removed without damage. Tip the filter sideways to remove. Clean your filter monthly by spraying with high pressure hose.


We recommend replacing the filter once per year. If you wish to clean it during that time, we recommend our Spray & Rinse Filter Cleaner which dissolves body oils and the like easily to maintain the filter’s ability to filter small particles out of the water so your water stays crystal clean.


To replace your filter, first soak the filter in hot water to soften its rubber neck. Then place it back on either drain cap at the bottom. Note: Do not try to remove filter if spa is empty or has cold water.


A new filter and the filter cleaner are available online via our shopping cart.

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