Learn about Softub’s Ozone option

From Softub Corporate:

Q: I am concerned about using chemicals and read about your Ozone option. How would this benefit my Softub?
A: With Softub’s patented Ozone Water Oxidizing System, you can rest assured that you are getting sparkling clean water and using fewer chemicals. The Ozone system is an additional $399 accessory feature that is built in to the motor pack at the factory and connected with an imperceptible hose; it is not a standard feature of a Softub, though available for those who choose this accessory option. It is a passive system that runs and cycles itself internally, requiring no effort or maintenance by the user. The Softub Ozone system broadcasts ozone into the entire body of water, which attaches to the dirty chlorine. This oxidizes the contaminant and makes the chlorine new again. In the Softub Ozone system, ozone is distributed through all jets and the entire body of water. Ultimately, less chlorine is used, thus saving on the human body and on chemical [granulated chlorine] expenses.

The patent of this system allows the delivery to be controlled throughout the entire spa. Most other systems have one small ozone jet or one injector, delivering ozone to one portion of the tub. With this patent, the Softub allows the controlled delivery to every jet in the tub, allowing the ozone to be delivered throughout the entire spa more evenly and abundantly. Additionally, the run time of the ozone is controlled, so it is not delivered when someone is in the tub or for too much time, allowing the ozone to degrade other components in the tub or even the cover.

Softub is the only manufacturer that controls the delivery of ozone.

The addition of this option at the same time of your purchase of a Softub can be offered at a discounted price-call Softub Express for details!


Q: I am so excited to have added the Ozone option to my Softub upon purchase! How can I see it in action once I have my tub up and running?
Turn your air control all the way to the right or into the closed position. Depress the jets button to activate the pump. When the pump turns on, there should be no air bubbles being introduced into the tub (there may be a few for the first couple seconds of the jets activation as the air system is cleared of any existing air). Now turn the jets off. Unplug your tub or perform your monthly GFCI test (depress the test button to turn the GFCI off, wait 10 seconds, then press the reset button on the GFCI). After a few seconds either the tub will turn on by itself for a heat call or press the up arrow until the unit turns on for a heat call. If you keep your tub at 102 or above, due to the operational hysteresis of your control system, it may or may not go in to a heat call due to the actual temperature of the water in your tub. However, most of the time, the tub will turn on for heat. You will notice the heat icon illuminating on the control panel and air bubbles in the water. The air bubbles will not be as vigorous as when the air control is opened, as concentrated ozonated air is being introduced to the water and it is to aid the sanitizer in the water and not to provide any aided hydro-therapy. After watching it for a few moments, depress the jets button and the bubbles will stop. You have just viewed the ozone system turn off the ozone being introduced into your tub!

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