Q: My Softub Hydromate isn’t working, what should I do?
A: Please contact one us to be connected with a technician to inspect and to repair your Hydromate.


Q: My Softub Hydromate is leaking, what should I do?
A: First, check to see that your hose clamps are tight on the plumbing connections from the motor unit to the tub. If they are tight and connected properly, and the unit is still is leaking, we suggest you contact one of our service centers covering your area to get a technician to inspect your unit. They will be able to remove the motor from the unit to localize and to fix the leak.


Q: I am trying to disconnect the Hydromate from the tub and am having a hard time. What can I do to get the tubing to release?
A: The tub and Hydromate are connected by several hose clamps that can be loosened with a flat head screwdriver. The connections are covered by a vinyl covering and foam insulation. Once they are removed and the tub is drained, you can simply undo the hose clamps and move the motor unit away from the tub. If the hoses are stiff, you may wish to pour some heated water on the hoses to make the material malleable.

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