Tom Thornbury’s Vision

ANYbody, ANY body part, ANYwhere, ANY time. That’s the Softub difference – and it’s all because of Softub founder Tom Thornbury’s vision to develop an efficient, portable, true hydrotherapy spa.


Tom wanted to create a spa that would offer true, beneficial hydrotherapy for any body part on any size body. By eliminating the seats and cutting back on the number of jets, Tom and his engineers created a therapy tub that’s comfortable for everyone, provides complete immersion, and eliminates stress on joints.

Traditional hot tubs force you into pre-formed seats and jet configurations that limit your range of motion and may or may not fit your body size and shape. If you can’t quite get comfortable, and if you can’t quite achieve relaxation, you can’t get full hydrotherapy. Softub fixes these issues.


Tom also wanted Softub owners to be able to take their tubs anywhere, indoors or out. To achieve that, Softubs have to be lightweight, durable, able to sit on just about any surface, able to plug into a standard outlet, and completely self-contained with no special plumbing needs.

We’d say he achieved that goal! People use their Softubs everywhere, from their back decks and patios, to their basements and master bathrooms, to their boat decks and more. It’s durable enough to be outdoors all year long, yet quiet enough to be installed inside (and sized so it can be rolled through any doorway.)

Ease of Use

Another of Tom’s requirements was that the Softub be ready to use at any time. Typical 110v spas cool down quickly while they’re being used – Tom was insistent the Softub not have this problem. Thanks to stellar engineering, Softubs can allow for both hot and cool water therapy – they can maintain temperature ranges of 80-106 degrees.

 Fancy hot tubs with dozens of jets, light shows, Bluetooth stereos and Wifi might impress your neighbors. But that’s not what Softub was designed for. In terms of hydrotherapy, Softub does everything a glitzy hard tub does, for about half the price. Plus, you get simpler maintenance, a stronger warranty than any hard tub in the industry at this price point, and about one-third of the operational costs.

 We’d say Tom succeeded.

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1 thought on “Tom Thornbury’s Vision”

  1. We agree that Tom succeeded, having enjoyed our Soft tub for ten years. Usually it’s only my spouse and I, but over Christmas our grown children and grandchildren also enjoy it very much.

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