No, it’s NOT an inflatable hot tub!

It’s a common misconception. And if we’re honest, it sort of makes us crazy. We hear it all the time at shows. But no, Softubs are not inflatable hot tubs. They’re real, honest-to-goodness hot tubs that will provide you with years of worry-free enjoyment.

Yes, they’re portable. But you don’t blow them up.

Once people see a Softub side-by-side with an inflatable tub, the differences are easy to spot:

Softubs are lightweight, but sturdy. Move it outside for the weekend and indoors for the week. See – lightweight. Yet it’s also strong enough that you can sit on the side, just like you can with a hard tub. Try that with an inflatable. We don’t think you’ll be happy with the results.

Softubs have powerful jets. Powerful jets mean you get soothing hydrotherapy. Inflatable tubs use underpowered air jets that just don’t get the job done.

Softubs are energy-efficient. Our Hydromate system incorporates the pump, heating system and motor into one unit, using the motor’s excess heat to heat the water. Innovations like this helped get Softubs registered as energy-efficient appliances.

Softubs come fully loaded. You get a high-density, insulated, locking cover; underwater LED light and more. Features you’ll find in traditional hard tubs, not inflatables.

When you get down to it, there’s really no comparison at all. If you’re shopping for a hot tub, don’t compare Softubs to throwaway inflatables. Compare Softubs to traditional hard hot tubs, and you’ll quickly discover Softubs are an affordable, portable, energy-efficient alternative.

Roll it into place. Move it indoors or out. Save money on the purchase price and monthly operational costs. What’s not to love?

Just, please. Don’t call it an inflatable hot tub.

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