Crazy life? Make it a great life with a Softub.

Some days are just … long.

You sleep through the alarm, or it doesn’t go off at all. By the time you make it out of the house it’s in shambles! Child number one spilled her cereal and child number two couldn’t decide between eggs and toast or a granola bar and yogurt and then decided not to really eat either of them, and for all that’s holy where are the car keys, and someone’s shouting “Where are my shoes?!?”

You spilled your coffee on the commute to the office.

Your presentation crashed during the meeting, which was going just swell anyway since you had a giant coffee stain down the front of your shirt.

You missed lunch because your boss called an “emergency” conference call that really wasn’t an emergency at all, and there was a traffic jam on the way home.

So yeah … long.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just relax for a little while? Spend a few minutes alone, or reconnecting with your spouse and forgetting about the craziness of the day? There’s no better way than in the soothing environment of your very own hot tub.

But if you don’t already have one, installing a hot tub can be a bit of a headache. And heaven knows that’s the last thing you need.

It’s time to meet the Softub – an energy efficient, portable hot tub that’s designed to make your life better, wherever you are.

Softubs are incredibly easy to set-up. Have it delivered today, and you can be relaxing tomorrow. Plus, it’s a one-person job. Just roll your Softub to the desired location – be sure you pick a spot with some privacy, if you have one – lawn, patio or deck. If it has a view, that’s even better! Then unpack the Softub and complete the set-up according to the manufacturer’s directions, including connecting the motor, and adding water and spa chemicals. Then replace the cover and fasten the safety latches. That’s it!

Crazy days are always going to happen. After all, that’s life, right? But having your very own Softub sure does make getting through them a whole lot easier.

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