Softub’s Electrical

Your Softub has been carefully engineered to provide maximum safety against electrical shock. Installation must be within 10 feet of a three-wire grounded outlet with an isolated power supply of 15 amps (110-120volts). The outlet should be a minimum of 5 feet from thespa. Connecting the Softub to an improperly wired circuit, or using an extension cord, may cause damage to the motor unit that is not covered under warranty.

Q: What do I need to be able to run a Softub and how much will it cost?
A: Softubs can be plugged into any standard 120V, 15-amp outlet. We recommend it to be on a dedicated breaker of at least 15 amps minimum, and we prohibit the use of extension cords. In light of the design of the Hydromate system, the Softub is the most energy-efficient hot tub available, gallon for gallon. The sealed, high-density insulated cover keeps the heat from escaping when the tub is not in use. A Softub spa can be kept at 104 degrees and be used for 20 minutes every day for an average cost of less than $14 per month!

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