Top Reasons Why People Choose Softub Spas!

People all over the world love their Softubs for the ultimate in relaxation and hydrotherapy. We’ve compiled some of the top reasons Softubs stand out when people are looking at our spas.


Softubs weigh less than 90lbs, so they can be moved by one person, and can roll through a standard door.


Softubs plug into any standard 110V 15amp outlet. You can conveniently place it wherever you want. Some of our customers take them camping or on their boats.

Energy Efficiency:

Softub’s patented heat conversion system means you can save big on electrical costs, compared to hard-sided spas.


Constructed of a soft, yet durable patented material. There are no pre-molded seats; you can sit any way you choose. It’s like sitting on a sofa surrounded by warm water cradling you while jets massage away your aches and pains.

 Easy Set-up:

There is no special surface required or special tools or equipment needed for set-up. You also don’t need any special plumbing or electrical hook-up.

 Fewer Chemicals:

Our patented mineral purification system, large 1” diameter plumbing and jets allow you to keep your spa clean with fewer chemicals. Save hundreds of dollars a year compared to other tubs!

Therapeutic Jets:
 Softub’s powerful, adjustable 1” diameter hydro jets are strategically placed to deliver therapeutic, massaging streams of water.


Softubs run on about 70 cents a day. Less than a cup of coffee at your favorite café!

 Contact Softub Express today to learn more about bringing a Softub into your life!



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