All about Softub jets

All Softubs come standard with either 4, 5, or 7 jets.

When the water is at the set temperature, the jets will not be on. If you wish to use the tub,  the JETS button on the control panel activates a timer that overrides the temperature you have selected. This turnsthem on for a 20 minute period.

If you want the jets to stop within that 20 minute period,  press the JETS button again. During use(lid off and air valve open),  the water temperature usually drops enough to allow the thermostat to keep the motor unit running after the 20 minute period. If the motor stops after 20 minutes, the JETS button may be pressed again to keep the motor unit running.

Note: When the tub is in the standby part ofthe cycle in Overnight or Energy Saver Mode the JETS button can still be used to turn on the 20 minute jet cycle.  After the cycle has elapsed,  the jets will continue to operate to heat the tub to the temperature you have set it to before returning to standby. Pressing the jets button again will turn off the jets and return the tub to standby immediately.

Always keep the water level at least 2 inches above the top jet. This will ensure that the jets do not spray water out of the tub, as well as not overworking the motor.

Contact us for optional jets which can customize your Softub.

Q: How do I remove the jets?
A: The jets pop out of the side of the tub with a little force. You can grab it by the outside housing that has three Softub logos on it and pull straight out. Slide your fingers behind the housing and pull outward. It will take some force to remove the jet, but they do come out!

If you have any other questions, please feel free to call your local service center for further assistance.

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