Hydrotherapy Helps Stroke Survivors Regain Strength and Mobility

Hydrotherapy is therapy that takes place when people are immersed in warm water, allowing them to exercise painlessly, aiding recovery from a wide variety of conditions including stroke.

In fact, water has been a key for many stroke survivors to help them lead the highest quality post-stroke lives. Many of our Softub clients use their spas for post-stroke therapy and support, let’s learn more about why.

Close-up of female legs in hot tub

About Hydrotherapy

According to historians, hydrotherapy has been used for centuries around the globe. Ancient Chinese, Egyptian, Greek and Roman civilizations all have recorded confirmation of the medicinal use of hydrotherapy. Now we know even more about water’s power to help the human body heal. Aquatic exercise and therapy are in use by professional athletes, hospitals, and senior living communities—as well by people who have experienced stroke.

Why Water Works

Water is a key for many stroke survivors, enabling them to lead quality post-stroke lives. It has unique properties of both therapy and fitness. People whose equilibrium has been compromised (such as a stroke patient) find their fear of falling evaporates when they are in water. 

The buoyancy of water can immediately counteract up to 80-90% of body weight so movements take less effort. Yet, at the same time, water provides resistive force, which allow for an increase in strength while lowering the perception of physical exertion. Being in water provides support because your body doesn’t feel so heavy and if you have weak limbs, they may be easier to move. Combined properties of water increase range of motion and flexibility, strength and endurance. When individuals leave a warm spa, they are left feeling refreshed, not exhausted—thanks to the water.

This is just an overview of some of the ways being in water can help after a stroke. We have several Softub clients who purchased their spas specifically to aid in stroke rehab.

Learn more about how you can bring a Softub into your home by calling us at 1-800-996-8827.

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